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Youtuber Campaign

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, Hayden here! Today I am coming to you with some awesome news for you Youtubers and retired Youtubers looking for a little more motivation!

    You are required to get at least 100 views per video and the videos must be at least 10 minutes long, there are no requirements for subscribers but I will easily be able to tell if you are spoofing views or subscribers.

    You must contact me on Skype to get approval before you are allowed to start earning money recording videos, add me at isosceleslife.

    You will be given a special Media rank in game that will make you feel like the most special scrub ever. You will be provided with some commands which will make your life as a Youtuber on CycloneNetwork more efficient and fun!

    You are not allowed to just record 10 videos a day and get money. You are required to wait atleast 48 hours in between collecting payment on another video. I would prefer you do atleast 2-3 videos a week.

    I will be paying out $1 per 100 views you get per video you do on CycloneNetwork. I will also give you a gift card or a voucher for $2 per 100 views if you prefer that over actual money over Paypal.

    Contact for Payment:
    You can contact me via Skype at isosceleslife
    You are required to post the video first before submitting to collect payment on the video, I will make an exception to this rule for any Youtuber of substantial size (~5k-10k).

    I reserve my right to decline to pay somebody that I feel may be trying to cheat me or the network out of money.​

    Cheers guys! Hope to see you in game Youtubing away. :)
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  2. Hi Hayden,
    I think that this will be great for the server.

    P.S. I know some1 that maybe can make videos on this server. Need to contact him ASAP though.
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  3. I get around 50 :/ but if I could advertise vids on the forums it might go up :)
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  4. Well, If they let you advertise it on the forums, it'll need to be it's own tab. Or else the forums will get a lot of spam!
  5. What will the giftcard be for?
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  6. Yeah, lately In the past month I have seen many people trying to advertise other server's. This will not be a good idea to have a section to advertise. Just don't advertise at all :)
  7. I had put in a suggestion for adding a sub forum so ppl can post their social and/or media site usernames and be allowed to post direct links to videos, etc as long as they are cyclone network related. There's a very simple way to keep that sort of forum neat and orderly, only 1 post per person and just edit the post to list new links.

    I personally would love to see something like this added
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  8. Hi, so youtubers get paided for vids, but what do streamers to twitch get?
  9. Live stream viewers?
  10. I would love more youtubers on the server! Would be cool if you could contact a few potential applicants.
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  11. Yeah, it would be nice to see a few more youtubers around the server! More fun, and more People!
  12. *cough cough* Henry *cough cough*
  13. im not a youtuber?
  14. henry4youtube
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  15. Henry, u should do YouTube...
  16. ima youtuber *cough*
  17. lol no
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  18. I have a group youtube channel and we will be recording on cyclone, hopefully soon, we don't spoof views although someone had done sub 4 sub on the channel and now views to subscriber ratio is way out, but hopefully we can change that on cyclone ;)
  19. "I will pay one dollar per 100 views". Pewdiepie makes videos with 10 million views per, you'd have to pay 1000 dollars per video.
  20. no one recording on this channel is even remotely close to the "biggest" youtuber... that is a gross over statement, some people at most wont get 1k views and if they do its well deserved, plus he has the right to decline any payment if he things view botting or anything of the sort is being used
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