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Yo its Omz99

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Omar, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Hey guys, not sure if any of you remember me but I used to play Cyclone Network during the V1, V2 and V3 versions of this server. I kind of lost interest in Minecraft but want to get back into it. I used to be a Helper then a Moderator but i resigned due to personal commitments. Might pop online soon and get back into Skyblock and Prison when it comes out.
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  2. It'd be great to see you back! The more the merrier my friend.
  3. Btw anyone know which staff members are still here from this old versions of this server. I know that iKev, Mandy and fire959fox aren’t staff but is Dylz, Orans and whoever I forgot from older versions still staff?
  4. The current staff are:

    Owner: Dwizofoz
    Admins: Broanater, Vyzon (Developer), Jyzo
    Manager: MiToCam
    Officials (New version of Sr. Mod): Juscky, GeT_BamBoozel
    Moderators: ParadoxGamerYT, PandaaaMC

    Then we have some Helpers and Trial Helpers too but they're the main ones.
  5. Hmm I remember Juscky, Panda and I think Broanater. Aww what happened Dylz?
  6. It's all a bit uncertain with Dylz, you'll have to contact him and ask.
  7. But he still plays on Cyclone?
  8. From time to time he will pop online. You might catch him one day! Hope to see you around :)