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Xavier99mn - Scamming

Discussion in 'Archived Player Reports' started by Tuckersteward, Apr 17, 2017.

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    Your IGN: Tuckersteward
    IGN(s) of the reported player: Xavier99mn
    Time & Date of broken rule: about 4:00 April 17, 2017
    Which rule(s) did the player(s) break?: Scamming
    Explain briefly what had happened: I joined Xavier99mn's island and I thought I could trust him and I placed down 4 witches. We played for about a day maybe a little longer together and then I did play a little joke on him. In this joke I move a his Dragon Egg on his island. As soon as he noticed I fixed it and made it exactly how it was before. Right after I did that he kicked me from his island I thought this was just from anger and rage so I waited a couple hours and when I saw him online I apologized and asked if I could have my witch spawners back. This is when I think he ignored me or just stopped replying to me so I asked Dom if he could ask quickly and he said yes he could message him but his hands were tied if Xavier said no I could not have my witches back. This is when I decided to fill this out just as a last resort. We also had a prearranged deal that if I left I would have those 4 witch spawner back.
    Support evidence: I do have screen shots of the items and Huggiee does know that I had them (In this screenshot you can see it was after the roll back). He convinced me to get an April key well the first one I got a Item Rename. So off course I had to buy another one and I got the 4 witch spawners if you would like the transaction numbers I can PM them to you other wise the time and date they were purchased were April 16, 2017 3:17 and April 16, 2017 3:22

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  2. I remember being in the discord hat with you as this was happening and you having the witch spawners, should of listened to me and join my island the first time i asked you ;) anyways i hope this gets resolved and goodluck

  3. Haha maybe I will take you up on that offer :D
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  5. I told Tucker to not touch the dragon egg I had placed and encased as glass. This was an Island rule known to Jiyoi the other member of the island as well. He removed the egg and placed it on another area of the island. Thus why he was removed as well.
  6. I did apologize as soon as i was able, which you accepted. I didn't touch the egg though.
  7. And I forgot to mention this but he did say the apology was accepted
  8. This issue was just resolved you can lock this fourm post now... Xavier gave the items back when Dom was online and Dom gave them to me per the request of Xavier. Please do not punish Xavier.
  9. Locking thread, due to this problem being resolved.
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