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Woah_'s Staff Application.

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by O_o, Jun 2, 2018.

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    [Short Responses]

    Minecraft Username:
    Alt Name(s):


    Date of application: 2/6/2018
    Age: Fourteen.
    Country: Australia.
    Timezone: AEST.
    Donor Rank: Cyclone

    Do you have access to Skype?*
    I could possibly log into my old Skype account if required.

    Do you have access to Discord?*
    Yes, I do.

    Do you have access to record high-quality videos?*

    Do you speak languages other than English?*
    I only speak English but hope to study more languages one day.

    When are you most active on the server?*

    Monday - Thursday : 3:27 AM - 8 PM
    Friday - Saturday : 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM

    Have you applied before?*
    I honestly couldn't remember if I did, but I don't think so.



    How well known are you within the community?*
    Most people sadly don't remember my name, however, I mean frequently online and ready to help whenever. I hope to be well known to everyone one day, however, it might be a little hard as people seem to forget me after each reset.

    In what way(s) do you believe you can make a positive impact on the server?*
    Since the server is getting a restart, I personally think the staff of CycloneNetwork need just that little more help to get the server stable like how it used to be. I also hope to improve all the previous mistakes of staff in the past and bring this server back to the pristine shape it used to be.

    How much time on average can you strongly state you can be active on the network in a week?*
    I cant stick with the same schedule every week, as I might be at a different house. I can say the least I can spend every day on CycloneNetwork would be 3 hours, which is on a busy day which I won't be home much. Usually, I can do 5 hours minimum every day though.

    Do you have any past experiences in a staff position?*
    I was Co-Owner of a Vanilla survival server back in 2016 I'd say? I'd like to say back then I was good at co-owning it, and I helped the server out a lot. I would say I have learned a lot of stuff about servers and how hard it is. It was a good experience and I learned a lot, and also hope to continue learning. The server has previously been shut down as the owner couldn't afford it.

    Have you ever received any punishment(s) on CycloneNetwork?*
    I believe once I was warned because of being a little toxic to my cousin back in 2017, but I am more responsible now.
    If you ever need the conversation my friend Foxy recorded it and you may view it.

    How long have you been playing on CycloneNetwork?*
    I'd say the general time would be around Version 2 or 3? My name used to be "PugsArLoveyPlayz" and I would've either had no rank or Rain rank. I and my friend FoxyFTW used to play creative and prison in the older versions with Blingo88. Sometimes I have been inactive but it's for personal reasons.

    Give an example of a problem you’ve encountered and how you solved it.*
    Honestly, it's simpler then you may think. A lot of bad things has happened these last couple of years. My uncle, grandmother, grandfather died, and my parents split up. What I did to deal with it is just not let the feelings consume me and make me feel miserable. I am good at dealing with things I would hope to think, which I hope would make me more eligible.

    Tell us about yourself - What qualities/skills do you feel define you?*
    I like to have conversations with people and help them out. I don't really get mad at people, I usually stay calm instead. I love being social on games like Minecraft and others. I sometimes get carried away but can be serious if wanted to.

    Anything else we should know that we didn't ask about?*
    Nope, I just think that this server is amazing and needs to be a stable community again.
  2. My username accidentally changed to iOfficer, so expect that for a month until I can change it.
  3. Hi Woah,

    Your application is very short compared to some of the other applicants, and I hope you notice this and improve on it because you won't be going anywhere fast as a staff member if you can only be bothered to write three lines for "long answer questions". I also think your grammar was a bit funny, with some sentences not sounding particularly professional and quite half-hearted.
    As a staff member you need to be respected by the community, and as you said, you're not hugely well known and unfortunately your age means a lot of the older players may not take you seriously. This is not something you can fix and I think is a sad truth to staff members on Minecraft servers, as often the younger players are the ones that can be online the most.
    Interestingly, you commented on how the server needs a secure staff team, but personally I don't think a secure staff team would include anybody under the age of 16, but I do not set the rules.
    As for in-game, I had never heard of you when I used to play a lot, and I have only seen you in the beta, when you have often been quiet and a bit immature in how you act.
    As many people before you have proven, people can clean themselves up and become conditionally perfect candidates for the staff team, but as of now I will not be supporting you until you can make a much better application and prove to me and the rest of the community that you can be mature for your age.

    Best of luck with the rest of your application process.
  4. Hello Woah,

    I think you have made a good start with your application. However, I think that you could add more detail to your longer answers. For example, you could add in ‘What did being co-owner teach you?’ or you could speak about ‘Your ideas to achieve a higher player base on Cyclone’. Finally, I would like to add that I don’t think 14 is too young. I am only 15 and I can handle players on Cyclone Network, so I disagree with Astro’s statement.

    Current Verdict: +/- Support
    (Add a liccle bit of detail)

    Your Friendly Llama,
  5. Thank You for your interest in becoming a staff member on Cyclone Network. However, you are missing some of the required skills to fulfill this position. If you wish to apply again, please do in 30 days.

    I wish you the best of luck if you apply again!

    Locked & Denied
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