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When is prison up again?

Discussion in 'Prison' started by ItsMachuPvP, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Hello, It was about 6 months i last played on this server/stopped with minecraft. And then suddenly i just feelt that i want to play minecraft on this server again lol. And then prison is down. BTW is it still op prison?? Would be amazing to know when prison is up again!
  2. Currently at the moment we do not have a release date for prison. Dylz will announce it when he is ready.

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  3. What are you guys working on??
  4. @Dylz... People really want atleast an update thread or atleast a month it will be released in...
  5. You just need to be patient. I know for a fact that admins are working hard on creating Prison, but they are not going to release it when it's half done. It's not just released so some players get what they want, most players want a thought out server which takes some time to create. So instead of always nagging about release dates, maybe just wait and you'll be told at a later date.

    Your Friendly Llama,
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  6. To be honest here, the reason why people are so supposedly impatient is because maybe (not maybe just a figure of speech) they were asked if it was okay to extend prisons release by a week, which has now been almost two months in which you can't tell people to be patient anymore. The entire time-frame of being patient went out the window.

    Your friendly neighborhood ~Savage Moonsky~
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  7. I think the new prison will come a new generation of prison players...
  8. 2090 generation of players where there will be no need for a keyboard to play
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