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Well hello there

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Hydro, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. 9/19/17 9:28 PM

    Hello everyone!! As far as many of you know I am one of the staff members on Cyclone Network. Since the new reset of the server, I decided it was not too bad of an idea to make another intro about myself, so I hope you all will bare with me while I attempt to tell you all about myself... so here goes nothing...
    My real name is Austin: It doesn't really matter whether you call me Austin in game or Hydro, or Hydrolixx. Any of these will due

    I have been a Staff member since June 9th, 2017 and am so far very much enjoying it

    I'm 13 years old, with the birthday of March 26th (now lets see if any of you remember on my birthday ehh?)

    Favorite color is Red

    Im from the United States... rare right?? A staff from the United States :eek: I can only remember one other who was from the US... (you know who u are ;) )

    My favorite movies are It, Tron, The Dark Tower, All the Avengers, erm i cant rlly think of anything else...

    Ahhh Swimming and Water polo, the 2 sports i currently play. I was a state swimmer at the age of 12 in the 100 back, 4x100 medley (as backstroke) and the 100 backstroke. Water polo i have been playing on and off, so we shall see if I make the highschool team :)

    Erm, i cant rlly remember when i came to play this server, I would say about V4 of Skyblock?? Idk?? All i can remember is playing Op Factions for about a year or so and then it got removed :( plez bring Op Factions Back


    Thats all I can really think about right now since its like 9:30 at night... So if u would like some more about me just comment :) Thank you all for baring with me this long... and hope to see you all on Cyclone Network some time soon!! Don't be shy to say hi in chat :3

    Man if i can write this much, I should be able to do better in ELA... Guess I can write when I wanna write ;)
  2. Hallo Austin ,nice to meet you;):p:rolleyes:
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  3. Herro Hydro!
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  4. Herro :) ;)
  5. "I decided it was not too bad of an idea to make another intro about myself" (Looks at Purs new intro decides hey that's pretty good, makes his own intro) Kappa <3 Hi Hydro
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  6. Birthday 5 days from mine. I'll be 13 and so will you. Same age as Lafayette? Ouch.
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  7. I saw purs intro and thought it would be a good idea since we just had a reset