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Weekly Update #3 | Halloween + Bug Fixes

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Oct 5, 2016.

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    Hey guys,

    The Halloween update is aimed mainly towards the Factions and OPFactions servers but don't fear! We also have a lot of content coming out this month for the other servers. I would just like to let you guys know about that as well.

    What's in the Halloween update?:
    • 2 Limited Edition Kit’s (Sp00ky Kit) which you can buy on the store and (Halloween Kit) which is free for all! Use /kit Halloween on any of the servers for a free Halloween kit for all players!
    • Easy armor switch
    • When you drink a potion it will remove the vile automatically from your inventory
    • /potionstack on Factions and /armorstack & /potionstack on OPFactions
    • To get staff attention you can type /helpop <message> and we will attend to your issue. Please note if you abuse this system you will be muted or possibly even temporarily banned from all servers
    They are not the only updates. We're going to be rolling out KoTH on both factions servers during this month. Thank you for your patience while we try to bring you guys even more epic content!

    Where's all the bug fixes?
    Well, there is a whole lot of bug fixes on every server. I will place all of them in a hastebin file so you can see them. There are way too many to list here so please note this is just something I threw together. We may have reverted some changes or even missed some. I will start posting on this page regularly so it will not be a massive wall of text so often.

    Have a great Halloween everyone!
    We also have a 60% sale going on right now!
    Check out our donation store for more information!

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    yummy. Love the new dank update dankofoz 2sp00ky5me
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  3. Good job! thats amazing! I wish the best for Cyclone Network!!!
  4. Very nice. very dank update.
  5. hey thanks for the update dwiz :D
  6. 12000% agree keep the dankness coming swagofoz
  7. Sounds like a decent update!

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  8. Cool get the Koth out soon
  9. I never got my rain pick from voting. Can I still claim it?

    It doesnt really matter to me any more, I dont need it.
  10. If it means that much to you, sure.
  11. I is not forgetted.
  12. May I ask were we can locate this 'haste.bin' file?
  13. Ik this is a late reply,
    But violets are purple not blue