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/warp free

Discussion in 'Prison' started by EricMC1127, May 8, 2017.


Do you agree or disagree Its up to us players on how we shape this server

Poll closed May 22, 2017.
  1. Yes

  2. No


  1. a prison server is about working up to get out of jail (like in real life but by serving your time). On this server I was shocked and a bit sad at any given time there are only 20 max players on prison. If you admins want more players on cyclone nw then add warp free or there is nothing to work towards.
  2. I agree. Prison is very boring, as it brings no goal. Once you max prestige 30 then. CYA! But thats it. There should be labor camps and stuff, like in real life
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  3. Lucky people, I think I'm the most active prestige 30, at least you actually have a goal.
    Also, if you compare this prison to other server's prison, this server resets prison A LOT. Maybe if it was harder to rank up, then it would be well achieved to finish. I think that /warp free would be a great additive, maybe even adding a goal for free players to achieve as well.
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