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Discussion in 'Archived Bug Reports' started by Aidan503, Sep 28, 2017.

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  1. IGN: Aidan503
    Server the bug/problem applies to: Whole server
    Explanation of the bug and steps required to reproduce the bug: /vote and then not able to vote.
    Any photo/video of the bug in effect: I mean, the thing is. I just woke up, tried to vote and then it said I had to wait until tomorrow to vote again, but I haven't voted at all yet, and no, not for a different server either. So idk why it says that I have to wait till tomorrow to vote again, I was at 25 votes yesterday, and today it will stay at 25 since I cant vote for some reason.
    Any other info that can help us smash the bug (optional): I dont know how this even is a bug of some sort.
  2. I think this is because you have to wait 24 hours before voting again, so if you voted yesterday afternoon, you would have to wait until present day afternoon
  3. You have said something reasonable, but that is not the case here, voting resets after 8 pm EST or for that matter 2 am my time. Even if I were to vote at 7:50 pm est, I would still be able to vote about 10 minutes later, but lets say you DO have to wait 24 hours, then why wasn't I able to vote 2 days in a row, that's 48 hours. Cyclone is the only server I vote on.
  4. The voting is Daily, not every 24 hrs, the glitch has happened to me a few times also, it is not a glitch from Cyclone's end, much rather a glitch from minecraftserver's end
  5. Is this still an occurring issue?
  6. Idk, we'll see till the end of the month, if it happens inbetween that.
  8. Didn't happen last month, so might be fine.
  9. Sounds good, thread locked.

    - Dylz
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.