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Updated Introduction - Rectangle :)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rectangle, Mar 1, 2017.

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    ♡Hello! My IGN is Rectangle♡
    Most of you may already know me but for those that don't this is a little bit about me!

    Yes, this is my second introduction but I feel it wasn't detailed enoughwith the most important and interesting information about me!

    I have been staff on Cyclone for around 6 months and am currently an officer on this amazing server.

    I joined Cyclone Network during the transition from Velocity to Cyclone.I am 15 years old turning 16 in about a month. I enjoy playing various first person shooter games.

    My favourite genre of music is trap but I will listen to almost anything in the EDM category.

    I have recently started joining TeamSpeak more often again. Come join me on there! I'm always open to make new friends!

    Surprisingly, I am from Australia (Everyone thinks I am from the UK) No, I do not ride a kangaroo to school.

    Oh, I forgot to mention. I have a weird addiction to potatoes.

    Thank you for reading and I hope to see you online on Cyclone Network! (^ω^)

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  2. The potato addiction explains a lot; I thought since it's your second introduction there wouldn't be any errors. I was mistaken. I am also a big fan of EDM music and anything with a sick beat or remixes.
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  3. Darling Charli,you remind me of pink muffins<33 miss you
  4. Hi
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  5. Who are you
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  6. Wait, there's stars oh my you're not a rectangle!
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  7. I've never seen you in my life...? Did you say your IGN was Rectangle or CharliXCX? ;) :p
  8. You're all making me question who I am! :(
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  9. You are a 2-dimensional shape that is obsessed with Potatoes
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  10. xx
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  11. The kangaroo thing clears up a lot. And the potato thing clears up A BUNCH of stuff lol
  12. You're obviously a circle.
  13. No, she is a triangle, mixed with a cirle and a ball. IMPOSSIBLE!!!! It's the same as 8 sideways!
  14. So, I've searched through my family tree and to my surprise I am infact a 'Squircle'. I hope you all support me for who I am :(
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  15. hi Squareeepy james
  16. Bully :(
  17. Yes we know there's some shapiness in your genes
  18. Call me Ed Sheeran but if I knew what the hell your shape was... well I'll let Ed do the rest: LOL
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