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Update #2 - Beta, Release, Giveaways & Forums

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Jan 9, 2016.


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  1. #1 Hayden, Jan 9, 2016
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    Hello everyone,

    I'll keep this short and snappy. As I had stated in yesterdays post I am releasing the information about the Beta testing and release date right now. Beta testing will be very exclusive! The staff will have free access to test however, we do have another option for the non-staff and that's 'Beta Passes', there are only 50 AVAILABLE, these will cost you $10 and will get you access to Prison, Skyblock and Creative as of this post, we might add Factions to the Beta. Purchase your pass at our store ( Beta Passes will be sold on the 14th. All money gained by Beta Passes will be going to the Cancer Council ( Know your money is going to a great cause. We will post proof of donation on the day of the release.

    You all have been waiting for this, the reset date. The staff and I have been talking about how much more work we need to do, we think it is best to release on the 22nd of January 2016. The staff team and I have worked endlessly for this reset! It will be the best yet.

    I have been thinking we should reward the community more! You guys are awesome. I will start doing giveaways EVERY MONTH, this could include Razer gaming mouses, Keyboards, xBox's etc, we could only do this because of you!

    As for the forums, we have undergone a reset due to various reasons. Kianlos, the community manager will be redoing all the forum templates, this will take a small amount of time and the forums will be back to it's previous setup on the 14th (GMT+10).

    Thank you,
    CycloneNetwork, best network.
    R.I.P being short and snappy!
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  2. So Hyped for this!
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  3. Yeah! So excited!! Can't wait!
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  4. Paid Beta Tests towards a great cause!?!?!? Great choice Dwiz! ;)
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  5. sooo hypee
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  6. I can't wait!
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  7. Hypeeee!!!!
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  9. Im already asking my mum If I can borrow $10 lol
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  10. Haha same
  11. Rest in peace fingers c;
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  12. <3
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  13. rip im too poor for a pass ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)
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  14. I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU GUYS SINCE LAST..... *Gets killed*
  15. You're staff though ;)
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  16. Dwiz, I love you. I'm really glad your not one of them greedy money whore server owners, thanks <3
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  17. Danny you spaz head!
    Luckily I'm staff! #FreeBetaTest! #HypeHypeHype!
    Also I can't wait for those give-a-ways! I'd love a new mouse xD
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  18. xD I thought it was Enforcers+ :p

    Hopefully they do razer mamba mouses; I'm not a big fan of the deathadder, It occasionally has like a heart attack and spazzes out.
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  19. I wouldn't know xD All I have is a small Toshiba mouse haha
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  20. Doh xD

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