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Unbann appeal

Discussion in 'Archived Ban Appeals' started by mapo_nuland, Jan 2, 2017.

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    Your IGN: mapo_nuland
    Reason for Ban: Mob aura
    Time & Date of Ban: 2 january 2017
    Name of Staff member who banned you: Dwizofos
    Why you should be unbanned:
    Emm I will be honest with you...
    I downloaded and installed a hack to use Fastplace for building my base, but I dont know how to use it and Went afk in the /spawn D: So probably there were some hacks activated and someone saw me.
    When I came back from the toilet to start building my base I was banned for Kil/mobaura I dont know what that is if you could explain it to me at least :(
    Supporting Evidence [Optional]: Please I was just trying to build the base. I'm sorry I searched for "how to build your base faster" and I read something about "fastplace" in hacked clients...
    I wont do it again I swear
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  2. You're lucky your main isn't banned, nico.
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  3. Oh cmon my cousin is stupid af, he came home and wanted to play with me using the account that is not even mine and left it afk in spawn, then asked me to help him get unbanned so I had to use my own email for trying it...

    We live all together so he shares ip with me and that account is from a friend I made playing mc.
    Can you pleas unbann it I wont leave anyone else to use it again.
    And no, I dont hack with nicobw... I got cyclone there that money I earned working as a waiter hehehe
    Sound it's everything made up, I can send pictures of my home and my cousin's home and you'll believe me ?
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  4. So I made up that stoyy cuz I dont know why he actually got banned, then I read the chat and there was something like "did the guy on the spawn got banned for killaura afking?" and I thought Better not be my godamn cousin..
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  5. Well ... Too bad... That's true fault for hacking again twice...Firstly you got unabanned then you hacked your account ...Nobody would believe you anymore...And it's your fault for downloading the hacks
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  6. I think ur fu**3d now ad don't make up story's to get unbaned that's just stupid
  7. This is the sketchiest unban appeal I have ever read. You are making like 0 sense trying to explain everything.
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  8. Very true indeed, making up stories to cover up the truth is never the way to go with these appeals. In a ban appeal you should be completely honest, whether you think you will get unbanned or not. If you tell the truth, you will be forgiven most of the time and even if you don't get unbanned, save up money for an unban and you will still be respected by people. Long story short, don't let other people use your account or accounts that effect you without you knowing and be honest!
    Good luck, mintymintie
  9. Hack clients are not allowed. Making up a story not cool. And on top of that 1) Fast is very bad on servers. and 2) You would of gotten banned for that anyway. -2
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