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Um ok

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Creamy, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. So everytime somthing happens to me and i get muted (happened a few times) staff automatically mute my main/alt account aswell. thats not right because i never did this "crime" or whatever so i shouldnt get a warn on BOTH ACCOUNT BECAUSE I OWN A GOD DAMN ALT.
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  2. Why is this in introductions, lol?
    And this happens as you're the same person and mutes/bans are severe so it will happen on ALL of your accounts.
  3. Woops, didn't mean to comment twice :(
  4. If you get banned on one account you get banned on all your accounts - I dont see a difference they're both punishments that happen after prior warnings.

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  5. Lol sad life... Maybe you should have an undercover account xD
  6. Theres a thing called ips...
  7. There's also a thing called accepting a minor punishment. No need to make such a fuss over this.
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  8. True though ... Your fault though creamy sorry xD

    Then maybe you should get another WiFi and a new IP......