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Tuckersteward's Staff Application

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by Tuckersteward, Apr 15, 2017.

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    Tuckersteward Staff Application

    Minecraft Username:
    Date of application: April 15, 2017
    Age: 14
    Country: United States
    Timezone: Mountain Standard Time
    Server Ranks (Prison Mine Rank / Donor Rank):
    Paper Cyclone on Skyblock, Prestige 1, X on Prison

    Do you meet all the requirements? If so, please provide a link to your punishment page from the ban website & the 2 player reports you have made.

    I do not have 2 player reports however I have gotten multiple players banned but have just asked a staff online at the time, I am 14 years old, I have over 20 hours played, I think I have something around 15 forum posts, I have been active for over 1 month, I have a perfectly clean record,

    I have recently made 2 player reports so here they are.

    Do you have access to Team Speak & a working microphone?*

    Do you have access to Skype?*

    Do you have access to Discord?*

    Do you have access to record high quality videos?*

    Do you speak languages other than English? If so, please specify language & fluency.
    Nope just English very fluently

    Where are you most active in the server?*

    [1] Skyblock
    [2] Prison

    Have you made any previous staff applications? If so, specify a date.
    [Must be 30 days from last denied application]
    March 22, 2017, February 28, 2017 Both old format



    How do you think you can make a difference for the network?
    I like to think that people like me and that I try to help people out at much as possible weather that is just helping them on their island or helping them fill out a forums report. I also am in a different time zone than most staff are so I am on at different times than a lot of staff. I also think that I have developed a very strong relationship with people on the server this has made me be able to talk with them as more of a friend than just someone trying to help them.

    How much time can you contribute to the server in a week?

    probably about 10+ hours on average

    Do you have any past experiences in moderating? If so, please explain your experience and what you have learned.

    Yes, I have owned my own server that had 50+ players on it at once. I also was admin on a big server (3000+ people on at once) and I learned how much you have to let someone earn your trust and make sure you have compelling evidence before punishing someone. I was also in charge of about 1/4 of the staff team which meant that if something needed to be done I would make sure it was done or if someone did something they were not supposed to then they would be demoted. This was also a big test of patience where it taught me that being pushed up in ranks was not something that you rush it was just something that you had to do your job right and get it done in a timely manner and have patience. This took me about 3 years to get I started as trial helper on that server when I was 9 years old. I had very little patience and had to learn to be patient with people on how to help them in the best way possible.

    Have you ever been banned, muted or kicked on CycloneNetwork? If so, please explain why & what would have learned from this experience.
    Not even warned.

    How long have you been playing on CycloneNetwork?

    a couple months

    What is a mistake you have done in the past? What would you do differently today and what did you learn from it?

    One mistake is thinking I can just avoid a situation and it will al just go away. I had this happen a phew times at school where I got in trouble for doing something like when I lied about an assignment and never owned up to the lie and then I just ended up avoiding the situation for the week and then what do you know it came back around to haunt me. When I realized I was in over my head I confessed to doing something wrong and then ended up apologizing to everyone who was involved. I learned from this experience that if you make a mistake and everyone does you are just as good owning up to that mistake and doing your best to make it right.

    Tell us about yourself - What qualities/skills do you feel define you?

    I like photography, video editing, and really anything involving code, numbers, sleep, food, and computers these hobbies are what keep me honest. I play video games because they are something easy to do when it is freezing cold out. Coding is just something I have always loved to do that gets my fingers moving and my mind thinking. And numbers well numbers are just nerd in me and sleep and food well who doesn't like these?

    Photography and video editing that I found passion in when I was about 9 years old getting my first DSLR at 10. My family comes from some incredible photographers. My family is and were inventors, My family has invented stuff like plywood, film in cameras, and have founded Pennsylvania. I have always tried to find passion in something I enjoy and stick with it and that is how I feel with Cyclone. The community great but still could use some improvements, and it is fun, unique, and we all just want to have a good time.

    Anything else we should know?

    I have Autism Spectrum Disorder and this makes me not be able to express my emotions very well and sometimes makes me feel heartless.
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  2. Hello Tucker!! Here is my advice:
    -what requirements have u not met?
    -Please do not write in almost all bold, very hard to read
    -elaborate more please
    -I didn't know you had Autism Spectrum disorder, thank you for sharing a little about yourself so I can get to know you better as a person, rather than a player!

    Advice: Add some chances to improve you application!!

    Good luck!
  3. Tucker you know how I think about you, I wish you the best of luck man :)
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  4. The two player reports are part of the requirements - Simply find any players breaking rules and create a report on them. This application will be made valid once this is done. We cannot accept without this requirement.

    Thank you.
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  5. The videos for the player reports contained no evidence of hacks for either player with you just running around for 4 minutes and dying instantly and not able to see the players and it was the same video for both reports. The reason that player reports are a requirement is so that we know that you will report any incorrect behavior to staff, not to create false reports with no evidence just to make your application valid. Please do not waste staff time knowingly creating false reports with no evidence.

    The reports against Frigatebird and Tigerlord will not count towards the requirements.
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    I have just done 2 player reports one of which has already been accepted by Jamie. The second one sounds like it has a high probability of being accepted and Xavier being banned.
    The two reports:
  7. Looks good so far but add your punishment page link so Kian can verify easily <3
    -Pandaaa <3
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    Great application, best of luck -Ramon
  9. I am not an admin nor have any word in that but I fell like you only want to become a staff member to brag to your friends. I remain mutual
  10. Thanks for you opinion. I just want to let you know that that is not even close to the reason I want to become staff. I love helping people out weather it is just to a charity or with actions to some place. I want to do the same when I am playing minecraft and this will help out a lot with that.

  11. Really impressive application, it is obvious nothing holds you back and that you really want to become a staff member at Cyclone Network, I've met you a couple times IG and it's been a pleasure.
  12. Thanks! That's great to hear!
  13. Thanks!
  14. +Support from me. Spoken to you quite a bit, you act mature for your age and you definitely seem to know what you are doing. All the best and good luck.

    Btw you might wanna watch out for the warning you got :p
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  15. Not good to get a warning as he has this application up!
  16. Locked & denied due to players request.
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