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Transcentient's Staff Aplication

Discussion in 'Applications' started by TransAlt, Jul 28, 2018.

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    [Short Responses]

    Minecraft Username: Transcentient
    Alt Name(s): CozieCash
    [If applicable]

    Date of application: Sunday, 29 July 2018
    Age: 12
    Country: Singapore
    Timezone: UTC+8:00
    Donor Rank: Zeus
    [If applicable]

    Do you have access to Skype?*

    Do you have access to Discord?*

    Do you have access to record high quality videos?*

    Do you speak languages other than English?*
    [If so, please specify language & fluency.]
    Chinese, though I'm not fluent at it.

    When are you most active the server?*
    [A complete timetable prefered but general times will work]
    Monday : 9 Hours
    Tuesday: 9 hours
    Wednesday: 9 hours
    Thursday 9 hours 30mins
    Friday 9 hours 30mins
    Saturday + Sunday: About 12 hours per day

    Have you applied before?*
    [If yes explain why you were denied]
    Yes, I applied in June 2018 and I got denied because of constantly arguing about unnecessary things and being toxic.


    [Long responses]

    How well known are you within the community?*
    I would consider myself quite well known though not in a good way. 80% of those who know me consider myself annoying because I constantly try to annoy them without me knowing I annoy them. For example, I tried to get GoldenFin's Zeus rank removed since it was from a paper rank though I was only trying to help out the staff team and I don't want to be known as really annoying. But the other 20% like me for example GoldenFin and ToastieTash though I don't know how Golden would still talk to me, if someone took my rank away, I would be complaining all day long. I have been trying to be less toxic, if possible, not toxic at all but the main reason for my toxicity is my brothers and I are constantly arguing about stupid stuff. So if that's my attitude in real life, it's my attitude in-game. And we are arguing less, which should also stop my toxicity a bit. Just a little bit, so if we completely stop arguing, I will be a lot less toxic.

    In what way(s) do you believe you can make a positive impact on the server?*
    I think I can bring in a positive impact to the server since I can be on for long hours in my opinion, my timezone does not have many people in it so I can moderate when other staff might be sleeping or at school and some people might not know good English, but know Chinese. So I might be able to help them out speaking to them in the Chinese I know. And the since server will come out in a new version in about 16 hours, I might just be able to make it and will also be able to help out new players and those who do not know how to play Prison or Skyblock or the other game mode.

    How much time on average can you strongly state you can be actively on the network in a week?*
    If my math is correct, I can spend 9.2 hours a week on average. Moreover, I might be able to be on much longer since my year end exams come in September and after that I can do whatever I want. So, I can spend more time on cyclone and in the middle of November, my holidays start so I will be on a lot longer from middle November to end of December.

    Do you have any past experiences in a staff position?*
    [If so, please explain your experience and what you have learned. DO NOT name other servers.]
    Yes, I have been an admin on 2 unnamed servers due to me constantly helping out since the start of the server. Whenever a new person joins, I will help them out and teach them how to start out. And I've had a couple experiences with hackers so I will be able to deal with them whenever one comes on. I am also right now admin on a discord server which is not popular at all but I dedicate my time to helping out that discord server, and I hope that I can do that for basically the only Minecraft server I play, Cyclone. Currently, i'm Admin and I lost my positions on the other 2 servers due to inactivity. I have been held up with my studies as my up coming national examination is coming real soon, and as you can see, I have been on the server a lot less often as I use to, and I intend to change that, although I will prioritise my irl things first, I still have some time each day to go on Cyclone.

    Have you ever received any punishment(s) on CycloneNetwork?*
    [If so, please explain why & what would have learned from this experience.]
    Yes I have. I received 3 warnings in V6 due to me spamming a shop sign. The other 2 I cannot remember. Last v, I got banned for scamming someone and I knew it was wrong, but I needed help because I was still new, though I can promise you, that will never happen again. This v, I have been muted for flooding chat because Jarne so called "scammed" my witch spawner. I was super mad and flooded chat. I know it was the wrong thing and again, I can promise you, that will never happen again. I have had a kick for msg spam, again spamming Jarne and a warn again because I was spamming about Jarne how he was a "liar", just like the others, you will not see that again. Even if I do not get accepted, you will still not see it. And I also got muted by Juscky for staff disrespect because IGotThatGreen didn't allow me to join the island, and took my 10 stacks of diamond blocks, not giving it back. And I wouldn't stop complaining and got a mute. There has also been warned again for character spam. Since the cap was at 10 letters, I decided to do something stupid like typing in a letter 9 times, so I wouldn't be warned since if I would be warned, it would be a false warn. But I did that nine time, ending up in a warn. If there are others, which im very sure there are, check my punishment page.

    How long have you been playing on CycloneNetwork?*
    [If exact time isn’t known, a general idea will do.]
    I have been playing since V4 but I don't know if that was a different server, but I was getting a little known in prison V6. Now i'm a lot more well known then I would ever think I would be.

    Give an example of a problem you’ve encountered and how you solved it.*
    [This can either be in game or in the real world.]
    I've seen my brother steal his friends things, so I immediately told my mother what happened. My mom told the school and he got punishes. And this can happen in Cyclone too. Someone scams another person, and if I'm not accepted, I can report him on either the forums or in discord. And I can also use the ./helpop command so a staff member might come on and ban him/her.

    Tell us about yourself - What qualities/skills do you feel define you?*
    [This would include activities and hobbies outside of Minecraft. As well as skills that would benefit the team.]
    I can screenshare people and find out if they are hacking or not, even if they don't admit I can easily find out if they are using Jigsaw or ghost clients. But my hobby has nothing to do with cyclone. I play soccer with my friends meaning I know how to work as a team and play a game called Rocket League which people call childish, but I can ignore them. And sometimes I play basketball. I have a few school medals for both soccer and basketball. I have helped out my teachers find out who dtarted a fight, stolen things, and just anything the teacher could not find more about.

    Anything else we should know that we didn't ask about?*
    I typed this on my phone so it took quite a while to make this.
    I like to play soccer as stated
    And I'm also trying to learn more about JavaScript, HTML and CSS! I've taken 5 courses for them so if you need help editing the forums page, just ask me. Even if I do not get accepted, I will still be active and try to improve the server
    Yes I know, I just copied my old application, but I think I have added in some key points in being a staff member (I Think). Also, if I get accepted, I lost my password to Transcentient so give the rank to my alt, CozieCash. Thanks for reading my application!
  2. Thank You for your interest in applying to become a staff member on Cyclone Network. However, some things are limiting you from achieving this position. If you wish to apply again, please do so in 30 days.

    I wish you the best of luck if you apply again!

    Locked & Denied
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