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ThunderGodZz's Staff Application

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by Thunder, May 9, 2018.

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    Minecraft Username: ThunderGodZz

    Alt Name(s): /

    Date of application: 9/5/2018

    Age: 19

    Country: Belgium

    Timezone: CEST

    Donor Rank: Zeus

    Do you have access to Skype?*


    Do you have access to Discord?*


    Do you have access to record high quality videos?*


    Do you speak languages other than English?*

    Yes , I speak Dutch.

    When are you most active the server?*

    I can play on the server when I’m home from school. In the weekend I can hardly play because I do weekend work and have some time with my girlfriend.

    Monday-Tuesday : 18:00h-00:00h

    Wednesday : 14:30h-00:00h (Need to eat between as well)

    Thursday-Friday : 18:00h-00:00h

    Have you applied before?*




    How well known are you within the community?*

    I’m a well known member of the community and I’m active as well, I was /baltop and /istop #1 last reset.

    In what way(s) do you believe you can make a positive impact on the server?*

    I can help those who need it and stay calm during a conversation where others will be “yelling”.

    I’m really active so I’ll be a lot online with the members . In that way I can help right away.

    How much time on average can you strongly state you can be actively on the network in a week?*

    Between 30 and 34 hours a week.
    Look to the previous time sheme.

    Do you have any past experiences in a staff position?*

    I have been all staff positions before, I always started as a helper. I learned to be active and helpful to players in need. When I got promoted to Mod/Admin I learned to help a lot behind the screen and watch to lower staff members how they do their job. If they do something wrong make them attent to what they did wrong so they can learn from it.

    Have you ever received any punishment(s) on CycloneNetwork?*


    How long have you been playing on CycloneNetwork?*

    I played the last 3/4 resets so pretty long.

    Give an example of a problem you’ve encountered and how you solved it.*

    Someone was using Kill-aura into a pvp area. I got a warning in chat of someone using it so I tp’ed to him in /v so I could look to him, I also turned on my recording program to get proof. I asked a friend to play as bait to come behind him and that was good enough to punish him for what he did.

    Tell us about yourself - What qualities/skills do you feel define you?*

    I played soccer for 10 years so I know what it is to be in a team, that you need to lisen to what others have to say.

    During the weekend I go to work that I do for almost 2,5 years now .

    Anything else we should know that we didn't ask about?*

    Even if I don’t get accepted for the staff team I would be playing active no matter what.

    If you need anything else about me you can always PM me on discord Jarne#4841
  2. Please bold the questions. So as to make reading easier.

    Community Manager/Admin
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  3. okay I'll change that
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    "Someone was using Kill-aura into a pvp area. I got a warning in chat of someone using it so I tp’ed to him in /v so I could look to him, I also turned on my recording program to get proof. I asked a friend to play as bait to come behind him and that was good enough to punish him for what he did."
    Can you use a problem in the real world? Not Minecraft related?
    Your application has 500 words. That is not almost half the words that other applications have.
    Support: -
    PS: Belgium FTW
  5. I think you've got real good potential as a member of staff as I have played alongside you many-a-time; you're mature, you're loyal to the network, you're completely unpunished, and personally I would be proud to have you represent us as a community in the staff team. However, I do think your application is looking quite short and I would advise you to put in more detail and avoid the excessive use of line breaks, it makes it difficult to read. As soon as you've completed that, you have my absolute, 100% full support. Good luck!
  6. Hey Thunder,
    I would like to tell you some tips to improve your application.
    First of all, I really think you should add details to your long answers, they are really really short.
    I don't think you wanted to hide your warning, but when I looked at your punishment page, I saw you got a warning for Bypassing Filters ( You really should mention it in your application.
    From what I remember, you are really cool in-game and pretty mature. I really think you have the potential to become a great staff member.
    That's pretty much all, I really think you should add details to your application!
    I wish you the best of luck :)
    As of now, [+/-Support] Might change in the future (waiting for others replies)
  7. I think that your application is alright. However, there are a lot of areas that could be improved, for a start you need to add more detail onto the longer answers and also explain them, for example 'How can you stop players from yelling?'. When making improvements, you need to make sure to check your grammar and spellings so you don't make any errors. Personally I do not believe I have spoke to you before, so therefore I do not know what you are like in game. I wish you the best of luck in your application!

    Current Verdict: -Support (Make some improvements and it'll change)

    Your Friendly Llama,
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  8. Tbh i didn't know I had a warning but I'll change it
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  9. Hey Thunder boi, application is looking alright. I've seen you in game helping others and overall creating a positive vibe for others and you're quite fun to have conversation with! Quite active in Discord which is a positive but not so much the forums, (obviously doesn't matter too much right now) as for your application you should try adding more details about how you can make a positive change for the server, elaborate on your past experience, etc. Overall you seem like a mature person and a respectful player, don't be afraid to add more information. The more information the better it is!

    As for now... I'm staying Neutral. Best of luck!
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  10. Thunder,

    Generally looking through your application, I had noticed that your responses to the questions are very short and brief. This would be a major point that needs to be looked at. I am unable to say how active you were on the server as I wasn't as active as should have been but judging by your profile on the forums. You have not made very many posts, considering you have had the account since December 2016. It also states that "Must be and remain active on both the server and the forums."

    It's good that you have experience in various different roles of a server. Please can you expand on this and explain in more depth in regards to what you actually did. What methods you had to help lower members of staff to learn from their mistakes. With regards to your problem, it would be better to show something that is more real world, rather than something that has happened in game.

    I am sat in the [-Support] Maybe with some amendments my verdict could be swayed.
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  11. Thank You for your interest in becoming a staff member on Cyclone Network. However, you are missing some of the required skills to fulfill this position. If you wish to apply again, please do in 30 days.

    I wish you the best of luck if you apply again!

    Locked & Denied
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