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Discussion in 'Archived Suggestions & Feedback' started by iAstronaut, Jun 18, 2017.

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    Good evening Cyclonians!

    So while flicking my way through forums I had been helping out on a few "Issue" threads (by which I mean something the poster needs help with but is not necessarily a bug) and I have brought you a proposal.

    While I've been learning to code Java, I have had to visit the Bukkit forums a lot to get errors resolved. Cleverly, Bukkit has thread prefixes such as "Solved" that the poster can edit as part of the thread title and also edit in the solution if required. I think this would help Staff Members see which posts need seeing to and which have been sorted out.

    An alternative to this would be letting the original thread poster to lock their thread, although this has potential to cause issues in future.

    What do you think?


    Sorry to everyone, I was unaware of the Suggestions template. Hope this doesn't cause any problems. @Smitty_Jagerman
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  2. I like the concept, but this is more up to the higher staff members to decide on their final verdict. My only issue is that it is very simple to look at what threads have been added on the forums, so it may not be helpful to have certain threads stand out.
    I am a fan though on both of these idea's and hope this may be implemented.
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  3. I am not a helper or anything, but I think you need to use the template. However, I do like this idea.
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  4. Wait there's a template now?
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