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The End Of My Journey

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Blastt, May 8, 2017.

  1. Hello, if you didn't know, I am Blastt. I am formally quitting the server. After a long time on the server, I've learned, met new people, and had laughs, even in times of sadness. And without most of my newest and closest friends, I would have never stayed as long as I did. You've all driven me to stay. However, this time is different. I've lost my burning passion for the server. A flame only lasts as long as it has fuel, and my fuel is gone. I've also been kind of sad recently, but that is not the point. Don't think I am depressed either because I am not. Anywho I would like to thank all of you for taking a risk to talk to an idiot like myself. Honestly, I love all of you, no matter how much I do not show it. You've all gotten me through days, weeks, months, even years. I hope to keep in contact, so I will be on the discord, and forums every one and a while. I hope that all of you do fantastic in school, in college, your future jobs, and life in general. I will miss all of you. Don't think of this as a goodbye, just think of it as a see you later.

    - Shoutouts

    - Pur

    I honestly don't know how you are real. You've made my day every time we've chatted, you have managed to make me laugh and even shed a tear over our great memes. Even though you have been a potato like me, I will still somewhat liek you ;)

    Stay purrfect buddy.

    - Rect

    Honestly, the one of the only two staff that still play, plus Mandy, that has warmed my heart and managed to make me smile with our messages. The first time we talked you warmed my heart by just a simple sentence. After that, I wanted to talk more and managed to find those amazing videos of google translate.

    You've earned just this one, *Hugz* c ;

    - British

    Dude, you are easily one of the only people that can make me smile with just a simple sentence. I love ya mate, no homo you American.

    - Bwcause I am lazy, if I see you comment on this, I will give you a mini thing with a reply, that is if you are a truuu frand.

    Okay bai ~
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  2. Bye Blastt. Good Luck in the future!
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  3. See you round Blast!
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  4. See ya later Blastt. You stay purrfect yourself.
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  5. Bye bye blastt, we will all miss you!!
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  6. I'm hurt i wasn't your top priority but I guess I'll still miss an old player such as yourself from back in the day when we met in V2. Another old player leaving sadly :(

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  7. I know you say I wont miss you but I truly will blast :( I hope life treats you well and that you come visit us on cyclone every so often ;) Goodbye my friend <3 I feel so special to get a hug! :D
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  8. L8r G8r, stay smelly, and get all the animoo gurls.
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  9. See you square.

    Don't lie to me, I know how all of you think and smell.

    I had made the full list of players which you were included in, but it got deleted because poop, so I am lazy and didn't want to make it again -

    But honestly Doss, you were one of my first true friends. I've had a blastt every single time we've talked, you make me glow with happiness, always. No matter teh weather, or how things turned out, I had always had you to fall on, and you caught me every time. I just want to thank you for that, and I hope to keep in touch my lovely. <3

    I am now infected with your goodness germs >_>
    Gunna miss you bud >.<
    Let's keep in touch. <3

    0-0-0-0-0-0-0 Thanks for the good life wishes <3 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0

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  10. Lmao
  11. Farewell dear monster ,but but Me want to laugh for your jokes
    Good luck on everything that life throws at you,study well ,be a good animal ,I will miss you
  12. I am not, a SQUARE
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  13. Smelly sloth
  14. Lies
  15. Always fun to see a Shark who runs in pvp, manage to get more replies on a thread. - A going away one at that.

    Attention wannabe? Me? nahhhhh - well kinda.
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  16. Bye Blastt~ Have a nice absence.
  17. I am shocked that I have only just seen this... Thankyou for the special goodbye, the same goes for you! I will miss you my small Blastt.
    Take care.