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Just paste into your Minecraft client to play.


Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by InfinityFactions, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. InfinityBuildsDesign.jpg Just a test to see this on forums :p
  2. Charging people real world money for minecraft builds isn't the right thing for this server and honestly I don't think it will take off at all. Don't get me wrong, if your providing a great service with amazing builds, your target audience would be the server owners, big minecraft YouTubers, people with extra money to spend on builds.

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    I agree with Paradox here... You should NOT have to pay In real life money for a build (I'm not sure Mojang will agree with you either). Instead for this, target "server owners" and "Youtubers" Like Paradox said. Normal players do not want to fork out real life money for a build, that is why we have a sky-block build team which charges in-game money for builds. Also I am not sure "everyone" would be happy with what you give them, no one is every really happy with one thing. Hope this at least explains a bit and I hope I did not misunderstand your banner.

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  4. Since you guys clearly can't read, I said that this was a test to see which file type I needed to covert it into to be able to put it on a forums page. I do my builds through MCM and hypixel obviously I'm not going to do survival builds on cyclone lol
  5. The title of your post says "Test" I can see that and you have a small comment on the post saying "Just a test to see this on forums".

    No where do you state that this is to check the formats, no where at all. Plus you don't need to actually post anything to check that. You can use the preview mode to see this!! It's not that obvious what your plans were, you didn't say anything at all. How do we know you build on hypiex and mcm!!

    Think about it and it makes sense.
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  6. This disgusts me
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  7. Look me up on them and you'll see if you are really that interested. There's really no reason that you need to be proven that if I build for them as the thread is not aimed towards you.
  8. If you want quality builds that are FREE check out the Team Valiant build team :)
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