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Team Valiant Build Team Recruitment

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by 16lucapfei, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. In-Game Name: Dominoose
    Age: 15
    Specialty: Redstone
    Reason for wanting to join the Build Team: Redstone has been my hobby for about a year, and I have taken the time to develop a general understanding of the fundimentals.
    However, I haven't really found an opportunity to ultilize my knowledge, and I feel as if being a member of Team Valiant will give me an opportunity to exercize it. I truely believe Redstone gives a technical element to any build. Me becoming a member of your team will ensure that.
    Portfolio: If an insight of my work is needed, I will provide screenshots of my redstone testing world when I have an opportunity to do so, but in the meantime some redstone done by me can be found at /is warp Petarr.
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  2. That is if i get on to build :D Now that creative is gone i find it hard to get on and work.
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  3. I couldn't even get ON creative. if I tried to I'd end up crashing the whole creative server.
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  4. Any of y'all make custom islands for money on skyblock? My island is really ugly and it could use an upgrade.
  5. I can, send me a message on here and we can discuss it. I'm sure others in the team would be willing to as well. Let me know!
  6. Hey Dom, the warp you linked does not exist. Is there any way you can post the screenshots to an imgur page when you get a chance? It will make things a lot easier :D
  7. My apologies, the warp has been removed, and I have also removed the redstone that was there. I will post screenshots of my Redstone work ASAP.