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stupid staffs (british)

Discussion in 'Archived Ban Appeals' started by iTsSegev, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. How thaaaafkkkkkkkk u can fking ban meh for staying afk at my plot and write kill aura ?!!?!?!?
    show meh a vid saw me "kill aura" omg fking noob im fkingggg hate uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    fk this server i quit !
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  2. First of all, this isn't a player report. This should be a ban appeal surely?
    Secondly, use the correct format regardless which section of the forums it's in.
    Also, if you would care to see, proof of you hacking was found, before you got banned. You were probably innocently mining and then suddenly got banned, but - proof was found, it does not matter when it occurred, if you were caught hacking, you're most probably staying banned without purchasing an unban. If you'd care to REPORT someone, especially staff, please do so in the Staff Reports section, if not, appeal an unban.

  3. At 4:38 there was a head flick between me and the other player fighting alongside with me and at 6:01 - 6:03 you were hitting me whilst eating an Enchanted Golden Apple. There are also other instances in the video where hacks were present but the points in the video mentioned above were the most prominent.
  4. Your client is pretty bad then because I am better than it :)
  5. You could be right but in minecraft the head moves before the body, it is just natural [for me] to hit both players instead of going for just targeting one player (e.g 4:30-4:50), but I definitely agree on the autoclicking as it is very blatant.
  6. omfg are u joke with meh????
  7. there is nothing in this vid omg
  8. Look at the end you are clearly autoclicking, that doesnt happen
  9. Because you are complaining about British so much I will send you how to actually report him if you want to, even though he has just been doing what he is supposed to do.

    Ban Appeal:
    Ban Appeals Link:

    Staff Report:
    Staff Report Link:
  10. I'm not gonna spend evel 2 sec for this stupid server with this stupid staffs
    Im out
  11. I was not the one who caught you hacking and I banned you after Dom had carefully analysed the evidence he gathered. I didn't really have much to do with this except being asked to ban you. The video clearly shows you using autoclicker so I must apologise for banning you for the wrong reason. Your ban will stay unless an admin disagrees with our decision.
    Next time please use the correct format and put your thread in the correct area. You could also buy an unban if you wish. - Thanks; BritishMunkeh.
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