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Staff - Please read this.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Rumeister, Mar 1, 2018.


How many hours on average have you been playing Cyclone this week?

  1. Less than 1 hour

  2. 1-3 hours

  3. 4-9 hours

  4. 10-19 hours

  5. 20-29 hours

  6. 30-39 hours

  7. Above 40 hours

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  1. My name is Rumeister, and I've been playing Cyclone for many years and I want to talk about why the server is dead/dying:
    Cyclone has hit a new low, a low that it has never reached before. For the 4 years I've been playing Cyclone Network the player count has never been as low as it is right now, which is an embarrassing 7 players. What happened to Cyclone Network? I don't know but here are a few reasons why I think it had a fall from grace.
    Boring/Repetitive: This has been a reason why a lot of players have left the server because the server is very dull and boring, in Skyblock you can reach the top level in less than a few days, making it very repetitive and boring, you're almost stuck trying to think of ideas of what to do.
    Lack of Promotion: I'm not too sure about this area of Minecraft servers but I can only guess it played a huge factor in Cyclone's collapsing player count. Promotion plays a huge role in why other servers have grown vastly in less than a year. Maybe Cyclone could try and change it up a bit, different plugins and features that other servers wouldn't have, or paying big YouTubers with a high following to join our server.
    Lack of Understanding to what is going on: We've had no news whatsoever from the admins regarding server resets and prison release. The last post from an admin updating us with news was last year in December the 16th, which is quite shameful as far as I'm concerned. Even the staff don't know when prison is going to be released, their response is "I don't know" or "soon".
    Before I end this I would like to ask why are there 2 developers and what are they doing, surely it doesn't take over 2 months for 2 developers to create a prison server right? If anybody reading this has any other suggestions or reasons why Cyclone has fallen please leave them below.
    I remember when TrueMU started playing Cyclone for a while the player count got as high as 400+ players if I remember correctly, so how can the player count go from 400+ to less than 10?
    This post wasn't created to moan about the server, it was created to give feedback to the server owners, so I suggest that the staff should take this feedback on board to improve this server.
  2. Here’s why I think Cyclone has declined in players.

    1) Hayden has not been properly maintaining the server. No owner means no new updates, maintenance, server promotions, and developers. A server cannot be maintained without the help of its owner.

    2) Just like V4, when Cyclone declined in player count, the current reset has grown stale. I will admit that I haven’t played much this reset at all but others have found better things to do to make it drop.

    3) Prison has STILL not been released. Because of Hayden’s inactivity, prison has not been able to be released. Many players were hoping it would get released but they got the hint that it wasn’t, so they gave up.

    Also keep in mind that nothing lasts forever. Cyclone was bound to decline at some point. Cyclone hasn’t fully stopped its operation yet, but unless something changes with the admins, the server will be in this state until someone decides to stop it completely.
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  3. Very true man, very true... I hope they will see that and change the holes they created.
  4. Idk I played during v2 and v2 was amazing and all i played everyday but ever since v2 its been going down hill also the crates were very unbalanced and like some said before it gets stale and boring also factions shouldnt even be around like this server is not a pvp server to be honest i dont think most staff know how to run a pvp server so they should stick to skyblock but also branch out and make prison better cause long ago prison was the biggest Server in the network but like i said it just went down hill
  5. I agree so much with all of these statements from all of you. I personally had different reasons to leave the Cyclone Community, but I come back every now and then and try to talk to everyone I once talked to, yet there are always unfortunately around 3-4 players on. Its honestly so sad and I would hope that the Cyclone Staff team improve the server and at least attempt to gain new & even old players.

    Much Love - WhyNotvRage
  6. Also the fact that almost everyone is accepted into the staff team and getting promoted way too easily. Half of the people that are in the staff team are the active ones, but then it would just be staff staff staff staff. It is not though... Pretty sure people and staff have just given up to this point...
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  7. Much agreed Soft_Potato. The management team need to actually do something for once instead of just sitting there letting the server die more and more each day. It may be very hard and take a long time, but hopefully they get Cyclone Network to the way it was before when there were almost 200players on a daily.
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  8. Make sure to read the new update that has recently been posted. Things will be changing and I hope to see everyone there!
  9. I have and I hope they will!
  10. A way to bring more fun is being in a voice call. I used to spend WEEKS and MONTHS playing cyclone because I was in a call and it’s so much more fun. Like your talking to someone and sharing moments and talking about the build. I wish those dad would come back. My fav season was v3 because of the community and server. Nons could fly at spawn there was an auction plugin, Hostium wasn’t there, it was just overall IMO the best season also kian was here