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Staff Feedback - Buy craft Prize

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, May 26, 2017.


What staff are excelling at their Job?

  1. Dylz

  2. Fire959fox

  3. Huggiee

  4. BritishMunkeh

  5. Rectangle

  6. Dossy

  7. Jyzo

  8. Dominoose

  9. Mitocam

  10. Juscky

  11. ParadoxGamerYT

  12. x3Henryy

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  1. I choose Dominoose and BritishMunkeh
    I chose these 2 people because every time somebody asks a question, one of them will answer. Almost every time i log on, i see them. Every time i have a question, I always ask dom and he always answers. And British is just a very responsible person. Every time there is chaos he can settle it down. Also he is good at giving out punishments.
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  2. Hello! I decided to choose BritishMunkeh and ParadoxGamerYT

    British & Paradox are on a lot, and when I come on (which I rarely do) I see them fixing a problem. Paradox is a very kind staff member, he is also every mature, and knows when to let things go. British, while he might be on a bit less, I'm sure that behind the scenes he's doing many things with other staff. He also might just be in vanish! I really like both of them at this point, and I'm basing that on their staff adventure. I used to HATE British, but now hes been nicer and so have I. Paradox I haven't really talked to when he was God, he now is very active, and knows how to control his rage (which is a VERY important thing in being staff). Overall, both are really great staff, and both are very matured, and know when to do thing, and when to chill.I would love both of them to eventually be admin, but for now, they can stay.

    GoaT: #British4Admin
    British: I'm not ready for it.
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  3. Wow, I didn't even realise that I had you and BritishMunkeh both in the feedback, I struggled a lot between you two so that's where I went wrong :/ Thanks for letting me know and it has to be BritishMunkeh even though you're also a great staff member MiTo! <3
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  4. I voted for Dominoose and BritishMunkeh.

    I feel that these two staff members are the two candidates that best fill the six categories laid out by Dylz. Both of these gents are active, kind, outgoing, and most of all, helpful. They both know the rules, know how and when to enforce them, and know how to get their point across. Both Dom and Josh are very nice all around people. One thing that sticks out to me about these two is that in my experience they are both very capable of communicating with players on the forums and via other platforms. If a player has a question, comment, or concern however, they are unable to voice it, these two are always able to pull through with a solution. I can see very bright futures for both of these young men.

    xo, Gents
  5. Thread locked, thanks all for your feedback, the winner was @SuperPanda We will be reviewing all the feedback and may do something like this again!

    - Dylz

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