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Spooky Server!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, Oct 19, 2016.

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  1. Spooky Halloween Event!
    Hello everyone! It's Dylz and Peter here to announce Cyclone Network's next event! We're going to be holding a HALLOWEEN BUILD COMPETITION, I know what you're thinking, another build event SNOOZE... Well, I hope you're not thinking that but this time, we have a Twist! The event will be held on the creative server and you have one week to make a Halloween themed build, We can't wait to see the all spooky and scary things you can come up with and the amazing builds you all will come up with, exactly a week from now the Event will be closed.

    Prizes & More Info
    winners will, of course, be awarded some goodies and we want to compile the best builds to create a section on the events server, in which it will be open over Halloween where the best builds will be show cased and put together to create a mini-hub or spawn you could say! We will also have some staff builds to be added and the server will have some minigames such as parkour and mazes!

    Participation Template!
    To all participating comment on this thread following this template so we will know who is participating!​

    IGN of builder/s:

    IGN of plot owner:

    Plot Number:

    Preferred Name Of Build:

    Copying Builds
    All builds that will be featured on the server will also be in the running for some future ideas so be sure to try your hardest! Do not steal other peoples work, please! It affects all of us if you're caught stealing someone else's build!

    Good luck to everyone we hope you all enjoy and have a spooky Halloween!
    - CycloneNetwork Staff Team
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    Good luck to everyone who competes :)
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  3. Boo! :3 Unfortunately I wont be participating in this one. Good luck to all!
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  5. IGN of builder/s:
    IGN of plot owner:
    Plot Number:
    Preferred Name Of Build:

  6. The un capital W in the start of the 2nd paragraph kind of made me die inside ;(
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  7. IGN of builder/s: GriffV1

    IGN of plot owner: GriffV1

    Plot Number: 1

    Preferred Name Of Build: Sp00ky Village ;O
  8. IGN of builder/s: dylandustinrocks

    IGN of plot owner: dylandustinrocks

    Plot Number: 2

    Preferred Name Of Build: Le' Hawnted House -or something else- idk i have too many ideas
  9. this made me giggle. thanks dylz.

    IGN of builder/s: MagicNinjaJC and KingCharlie916

    IGN of plot owner: MagicNinjaJC

    Plot Number: TBD

    Preferred Name Of Build: TBD
  10. I'll post about the Plug DJ Halloween night soon!
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    IGN of builder/s: Fluroheart & Jyzo

    IGN of plot owner: Fluroheart

    Plot Number: 4

    Preferred Name Of Build: Deathly Hallows
  13. IGN of builder/s: Fluroheart & Jyzo

    IGN of plot owner: Fluroheart

    Plot Number: 4

    Preferred Name Of Build: [Deathly Hallows]

    We wish best of luck to all competitors, and are looking forward to see what people have had in mind for their builds!
    Happy Halloweeeeeeen
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  15. This Event ends tomorrow! Last chance for your submissions! :) Good Luck to all
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    IGN of builder/s: Ecliipses & BritishMunkeh

    IGN of plot owner:

    Plot Number:

    Preferred Name Of Build:
    Spider Town


    Good luck to everyone who is competing!
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  17. Congratulations to the Winners
    1st - Jyzo & Fluroheart
    2nd - BritishMunkeh & Ecliipses
    3rd - Dylandustinrocks

    Winners msg me when you're online and I'll sort your prizes out! Thanks for all the creative amazing work you've all put into your plots it was a pleasure!
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