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Sorry Guys...

Discussion in 'Archived Ban Appeals' started by AlexD, May 17, 2017.

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  1. Hey guys,
    I have been making alot of mistakes in life and I was hoping to have a second chance. I had done something really mean and I impersonated Jyzo by making my username Jamie. I lost my nick commands and I am very sorry staff and I know how much effort and time you put into cyclone. I would really like a second chance at nick because it expresses who you are.
    - AlexD
  2. Uhhh 1) this should be not in player reports Uhhb 2) you can't appeal for your nick commands u impersonated a staff member how rude of you if I was them I would never give he commands back just in case you abuse them again that's what you get for impersonating :)
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  3. I agree with Sharky and please do not ever put something like this in the Player Reports section please put it into the Off Topic or Skyblock sections. Also one piece of advice next time is when an admin takes away your perms (Huggie) don't be so mean to them after you broke the rules.
  4. Wrong section, next time put it in off topic. I'm happy you apologised however, you did pay the price for breaking the rules and I hope you have learned your lesson and will no longer be toxic or as toxic.
  5. Will I ever get them back?:(
  6. The Admins have the deciding factor on that one. The /nick command is a perk and thus a privilege, the Admins have the right to revoke it as stated in the Terms and Conditions on the server's donation website. If you are that desperate I would prove yourself that you are mature enough to be granted the permissions, otherwise I highly doubt that the Admins are willing to give second chances.
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Thread Status:
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