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Skyblock, Updates, Sales and Information

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, Nov 23, 2017.

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    Hello, fellow Cycloners!
    Today I am going to be doing an update thread with some info on our sales, servers and any updates we've done during this month! We want to keep you all up to speed with the server and the updates that go past so quick day to day, so let's get started!

    | Thanksgiving / Black Friday Sale!
    For a short amount of time, the server will have an 80% off sale on our packages to celebrate Thanksgiving and black Friday! Be sure to get in quick before the sale is over!


    | Monthly Kit
    This kit contains 1 monthly key, it can be used once a month.
    This kit is something we have been thinking about a lot and decided to do it, depending on how successful it is will depend whether or not we keep it on the store, but dont worry if you purchase it, you will keep it no matter what happens.

    | Random Keys
    We added a new command for a random key, this gives you any key from Common - Legendary. Each of these keys has an even chance of getting received Eg. 20% for each key.
    Random keys have been implemented into crates, coinshop and even the server store.

    | Thanksgiving GKIT
    Purchasable on BuyCraft, currently no one has the kit and in 8 days the kit will be removed from the store if you're interested to be sure to get in quick to possibly be the only one to obtain the thanksgiving GKit!


    | Crates minor edits and alterations
    Crates are constantly something we work on to balance, buff and nerf to ensure the crates are fair and fun, Common, Rare, Mythical and November crates have all received minor edits to ensure they're up to standard.

    | Discord ranks
    You can now receive your in-game donor ranks on discord, this is a small little feature that helps determine donors and players, Zeus receives a spot letting the server know whether they're online or not. All ranks can access the donor lounge in discord as well.

    | Zeus has /pt
    God now has access to /powertool, for obvious reasons if a player abuses /pt or and exploits that are found while using the command they will have the permission revoked and possibly face further punishment.

    | Warning for /ci and /eci
    This ensures no players accidentally clear their inventory and has been a requested feature for some time now!

    | Skywars
    Skywars was completely overhauled, with minor bumps it is up live and has new items and maps to be explored by all you Cycloners.

    | Hoppers Speeds
    Hoppers have had their speed increased to reduce the lag the server was experiencing, over the past week or so the server had very low TPS resulting in many early reboots to try to keep the TPS stable, this has now been fixed and the server is running great!

    | Mob Coins
    Mob Coins changed overview
    Due to mob coins being much to easy to gain through an in-game exploit the system was overhauled and changed... trust me I am well aware of the feedback we have received over the past day but we must assure you that we only make changes that are necessary and benefit the network, that is our MAIN goal on here!


    | Heads no longer used
    Heads are no longer used in the mob coin transaction, you no longer have to exchange coins in /exchange that is completely removed and we now add the coins directly to your account, now you may think well thats dumb now they cant be sold, continue reading for our resolution to this.

    | Now a few things to note,
    Friendly mobs have a 4% chance of dropping a coin,
    Hostile mobs have an 8% chance of dropping a coin &
    Custom mob drops have a 12% chance of dropping a coin - this refers to silverfish and villagers

    | Withdrawing coins
    You can withdraw coins, you dont need to sell heads you can withdraw all your coins and sell them instead, this is simply done by issuing the command /coins withdraw x - x is the amount of coins you wish to withdraw from your balance.


    | New GUI
    Now the new gui for /coinshop is so much more informative, sleek and professional, it allows you to view all the purchasable items with mob coins, to view your balance, and to check the %'s of getting coins from each mob.


    | Give it a chance!
    On the final note on mob coin changes, we just want to ensure that we are trying to make the server as fair for all players, this change was a surprise and we will ensure to keep all players more informed next time we plan on revamping a plugin like this, we hope you give it a chance as it is honestly so much better than the previous version of the plugin, <3 u all.

    - Cyclone Management team
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  2. One Word, Hype!
  3. Awesome!!
  4. Very Nice! #HYPE
  5. Wow nice, I'll definitely check this out.
    But prison :D anything upcoming for it? :D
  6. Hypppe :D #DylzBestAdmin <3
  7. Wow the helpers are very audacious repliers ;)

    I'm glad to see another update!!!
  8. We are looking into doing something for Prison, as it is currently redundant as a server :(
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  9. this is pretty cool updates keep it up ok thanks
  10. Personally I love the change in how mob coins are obtained.
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  11. #Hype the only question i have is when is facs coming back????
  12. Sounds great!
  13. YO what rank is god! is it new? I thought Zeus was the highest rank.
  14. omg lol thats awkward... I even wrote god on the trello... hahahahah
  15. Rip no prison changes. :(
    Or I'm just blind.

    Plox add prestige :)
  16. Urm, i might have missed it but i didn't see anything about factions? Disappointed but not suprised.
  17. I love the whole hopper speed. It saves clear lag picking up so much. As much as the server still lags, it isn't as bad as it used to be. Mob coins aren't as easy to get now which is great, but being able to withdraw them to sell on is a bad idea. It makes @Pumpkins a little more lazy because he purchases them xD <3
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