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Skyblock Rollback :(

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Vyzon, Oct 30, 2017.

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    Hi everyone,

    Unfortunately we had to rollback Skyblock to about 4.5 days ago due to the issue with spawners being changed or deleted. This issue was caused by an update with the plugin that merges spawners and was not fixable. We are very very sorry that we had to rollback and plan on never having an issue like this again!

    You will receive anything you purchased from the store within the time of the rollback and we will be doing a key all tomorrow (10/31/17) at around 6 pm est.

    In addition to the rollback there is now an 75% off sale for Halloween and spawners in /shop are 10% off! We also have a few updates planned for this coming week.October keys will only be 60% off due to being super op!

    CycloneNetwork Team
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  2. i lost like 10k and that's about it so i'm cool with it
  3. i lost hades
  4. I lost zues rank that i got, can you fix that?
  5. @Vyzon wouldn't key all be to all online? not all players registered on the server?
  6. he would need evidence and you also can't use your october key, probably. i did, but all of the loot from it is still in my inventory.
  7. I mean I lost like my whole island because I started building it 5 days ago lol. However I understand that it's not the staff's fault if the plugin was broken, what more can you do?
    I think you did the best thing and I'm excited for these keys lol.
    Alteast is all fixed now which is good, cheers Vyzon!
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  8. Whew thankfully I had a break from skyblock for 6-7 days
  9. DO you guys never keep in that Europe exist and has a different timezne?
    6pm est is 11 pm for me
    and i have "Exam"week
    so i need my sleep......
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  10. 75% When do you not have that exact sale up? Don't make out that its a good deal when its all I have ever seen :( I have lost so many items on my island including spawners. And I do not agree that you only get /keyall for all the missing items because it does not cut it :(
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  11. Is it sure what key / keys we are getting, because like Lucy, I live in Europe and it's midnight and I want to know if its worth it to stay awake.
  12. If it is the normal kit keys, it includes a common key, uncommon key, rare key, mythical key and legendary key. Basically a commen key - legendary key.

    Your Friendly Llama,
  13. Rare key, Mythical, 2 legend. If anyone wanted to know :) <3
  14. the last event was prime time for all Europeans and late or early for America and Australia

  15. Dylz casually face revealing xD <3
  16. @Vyzon you are extremely gay
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