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Skyblock Reset - A New Chapter

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. I love the new artwork. Q: Will the God and Cyclone kit still contain leg keys?
  2. Nicee, my two suggestions are threads in the suggestion and feedback part of forums.

    Good work admins :)
  3. You really did a good job with this one. I'm super excited for this. Proud of the team! Keep working, We really do appreciate all the work the staff team as a whole does.
  4. Rip my bal but idc I like the UPDATE SO MUCH THANKS !!!
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  5. Who r u
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    This will be my 2nd reset and honestly I am excited. I'm thinking of making a block city esque design. I'm just glad that I won't loose my ranks.

    Once I had gotten a hold of 5 silver fish spawned and my balance reached 4 million I honestly lost interest in skyblock. I liked working my way up and building, but there really wasn't a way to unbuild what I had already created, since I didn't want to start from nothing again.
    But since skyblock is resetting I feel better about starting from nothing.

    But I almost agree, ranks, and people in general should get mines, imagine how less lag would it cause? Maybe rankless players could buy tickets/vouchers that allow them to mine in the mines for a short time. It can reduce lag, and give noobs and people who don't want to clutter up their islands a place to get materials?

    Edit: Quick question though. I'm a neat freak who likes to plan out their islands. Anyone know the Island size this time? Its been changing so I just wanted to know if any of the mods/admins/owners know how large they are Exactly.
  8. When you say that we'll lose player vaults, do you mean the command, or the items inside the pvs?
  9. Items inside
  10. Just the items inside :) (I think, hopefully xD)
  11. They are keeping the /pv command and spaces, just removing everything stored inside them.
  12. Thats a relief xD
  13. Already? It just reset last month!


    it's been 4 months already. Time flies.
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  14. Lol that's me exactly! That's why I asked so many questions in my reply. I have a plan of action started for the reset, but without knowing any of the fine details I'm still going to end up winging it. On the build I am/was working on it took me a month to finalize a design and then had to wait until I could get an island upgrade because I hadn't taken into account how small the island size is, and it wouldn't fit even after trimming it as much as I could. I was really hoping to be able to build it on the reset but the build itself is 161x161 completely trimmed down and dwiz indicated in his response that island upgrades would still be available but probably not as big :( so back to the drawing board, literally lol
  15. Have you guys also noticed that the islands are actually rectangles? Very slightly, but they're actually not squares by like one or two blocks I think. Hopefully that's changed because that's just annoying xD
  16. Squares are rectangles, But rectangles cant be squares...
    How does that work xD
    I don't get math
  17. why are you doing this to my brain
  18. Unless I counted wrong, very possible, I believe that the default island size was square, but it was an even number which made the bedrock block not the "true center" because the true center was actually a 4 block square.

    And As far as the square/rectangle I'm gonna let my nerd inside loose, the short definition of a rectangle is any 4 sided shape, where a square must have all 4 sided of equal length. so a square, being a 4 sided shape, fits the definition of a rectangle, whereas a rectangle with sides of different lengths does not fit the definition of a square :p
  19. It doesn't hurt to learn a bit.
  20. Will people who have won ranks in march keys keep those too? Stupid Question xD