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Skyblock Reset - A New Chapter

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, Apr 10, 2017.

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    Hello Cycloners!

    The Management team have some big & exciting news! As you can probably tell by the title, we're having a Skyblock reset! Some of you may be disappointed others filled with happiness, this choice has been in the making for quite a while and we're finally deciding to unveil this huge Announcement!

    We will have a mass amount of new content and updates for all of you to enjoy, this includes editing the economy, creating new bosses and even new custom enchants. The updates will eventually be spread across all servers to hopefully create a more enjoyable CycloneNetwork for all of you.


    AEST - 6AM 15th of April
    PDT - 1PM 14th of April
    BST - 9PM 14th of April

    • Refreshed Spawn
    • Refreshed Look
    • 50 New Custom Enchants
    • Brand New Skyblock Islands (5)
    • More Leaderboards & Statistics
    • Money Withdrawal / EXP Withdrawal
    • Altered Economy
    • Altered Kits
    • Reworked & Updated Bosses
    • Spawner Boosts
    • Custom Mob Drops
    • More Items added to /shop
      Chest Sell
    • Implementation of Missions
    • Implementation of Island Banks
    • Revamped Island Top

    Skyblock Missions are our newest way to keep active players getting rewards for their dedication and hard work, Missions will increase in difficulty and the rewards will begin to increase in rarity and practicality, these missions will change each day for a refreshing list of achievements and rewards for you players to enjoy.


    Island banks are the newest way for your team to make in game transactions and have an island filled with riches, this means you can all put money towards a bank, this bank can then be accessed by your island members and money can be withdrawn or deposited into the Island bank.


    The new island top can give all the Cyclone players more info on the top island and shows you the specific items they have on their island, this results in being able to see the Islands that are reigning Cyclone and understand why.


    Balances, mcMMO levels, Inventories, Enderchest, Playervault, islands, etc will be reset. All purchases will be rerun if they were made after during the last 2 weeks, This means that if you had purchased anything within the last 2 weeks it will be reimbursed and given back to you, This means anything purchased in April will be resent as a command in the beginning of the Reset

    Being a Skyblock based server, it's a grind, we reset the servers to hopefully add some more spice and extra activities and even more interesting things for our players to enjoy, we understand the time players put into our Server and we are eternally grateful for your hard work and we hope that you will understand why we are resetting.

    Donor Ranks, Cosmetics, Monthly Kits and Perks purchased individually will be kept with the reset.

    | Got a suggestion you think should definitely be added to the New Skyblock?
    Let us know in the comments! We will be hand picking all suggestions we deem worthy and be implementing them onto the server!

    From all Admins & Staff of Cyclone Network, we are so grateful for your support and we hope that we will see you after the reset and for many updates to come! Thank you so much for being a part of our Journey we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!
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  2. Love to see our server flourish with novelty
    Good luck !
  3. SubtaL!
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  4. Oh my, I actually wasn't expecting this much to happen with the reset honestly. I may have to return to check all this stuff out when it comes.

    Love the new artwork props to whoever made it o//

    Also props to all the admins for their hard work, this is amazing and very beyond my expectations about this reset. Hope to see more in the future keep it up!
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  5. Wow this sounds amazing and can't wait to get my n the grind. I have a suggestion. When I started on this server it was in V3 and this version had a reaction test. This test had it so we can see it in chat and typed it the fastest got a reword. To be honest the reword was terrible so maybe if you brought it back you could give us a better reword, in later versions you also had a reaction test where you had to hover on to reveal the word. I disliked this because people just had to type in chat to mess you up please do not consider that version stay with the V3 please and thank you. I feel like this could add a small but fun item to the server . Thanks for reading love ya all
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  6. This sounds amazing glad to see new things <3 :D
  7. Thank you so much for the info.

    This is my 3rd reset on CN but this will be the 1st time I'll be able to play on reset day so sorry for the noob question, how is the reset time handled? Is the time given when the new version comes online or when the old version goes offline and approx how long will the server be down while the switch is made?

    Can you tell us if the economy is still going to be spawner based or, if it's changing, what the new economy will be? Are any commands going to be added/removed? Are there any new restrictions/rules on build type/size or caps on entities/blocks types? Any changes to island size and will there still be upgrades available? Any changes in behaviors ie: mobs, hoppers, clear lag? Any other tweaks that would be important to know for our reset plan of action?

    As far as suggestions go, the same as I have made in the past and are meant as part of donor perks:

    Own more than 1 island - can distribute different spawner farms across multiple islands to help reduce lag, have a team island and a solo island, a working island and a build island

    Be a member of more than 1 island or change /is coop command to allow perms to stay effective until /is uncoop command is given instead of auto uncoop when isalnd owner logs off

    Add /afk command - I might be wrong but it seems to me that anything that reduces movement and block updates would at least help with lag

    Add /set warp command - having more than 1 warp allows us to make better use of the build space we have (especially vertical space), and allow for quick and easy access to different areas without having to build some kind of transit system

    Restrict different type spawner farms from being placed so that a single afk pod is within the 16 block radius required to activate multiple spawner farms at same time - creating an environment that brings other ppl to ur island and "powers" the separated farms would be enjoyable

    Do build contests to give players something to do other than afk all day and night - you already addressed this with the implementation of daily missions, perhaps add this along with the missions for those players that don't get into doing quests and would rather just build. Having the reward for the contest of having their build on display somewhere on the server along with a npc of them next to the build would be a really nice touch

    ok, I'm done. I'll go back to my island and start creating an action plan for skyblock v 6.5 - Can't wait
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  8. I've been playing this server since the very beginning, Velocity, and I think out of all of the reset plans/implements this is by far the best I have heard. Nicely done admins. I am very excited for the reset and I hope you are all aswell!
  9. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ADMINS, Love to hear this kind of news, and I can't wait for all these updates :D
    + New artwork looks amazing!
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  10. The new updates and artwork looks really good! I might start playing skyblock more after it resets...

    Your Friendly Llama,
  11. Aww another reset I just finished filling my island with grass XD

    I like the changes tho. :)
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  12. I loved the reaction test where u had to hover over it and it would be a code like "he74Dnsi" and first one to type it would get money. Death would always get it so it was not that fun...
  13. Question - Will Prison ever get an overhaul like this for the hardcore prison players and if so when can we expect it? :p:cool:
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  14. Wut
  15. Oh god lmao
  16. What?? R u shocked by the reset?
  17. Ofcourse, as Skyblock is our most populated server by far we intend to resolve and update issues more efficiently on Skyblock, Prison is also slightly harder as it's a grind, balancing it out and setting it up can take a lot of time that wouldnt necessarily be used efficiently on Prison. Although we do plan on resetting other servers in this fashion.
  18. Thats a lot of questions, I'll do my best to answer them.

    The down time and up time of the reset may vary due to how we are going, sometimes it may take longer compared to others, we intend it to had the minimal amount of downtime. The economy will be primarily spawner based, although we are working on a balance between multiple economic functions throughout Skyblock. Rank perks may be altered although we're not 100% sure so do not stress about commands too much. There are not any new restrictions/rules on farm sizes and types as long as they're not causing lag, Hopper limits are expected to be changed for islands. Island upgrades will of course still be available although maybe be slightly smaller, they're kind of huge at the moment. The only changes to mobs as of now will be there drops, exp and items wise.

    :) Thanks for all the questions
  19. i might just come back :)
  20. #20 GoaT_The_Goat, Apr 11, 2017
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2017
    Awesome idea. Here are somethings to add:

    First, tokens. We had tokens in V3 they were great. You could buy things such as fly etc.
    Titles. Titles show off how cool you are.
    Parkour. There isn't an official parkour, so why not add one.
    Pvp rewards. You should get rewards for killing other people. This could bring more players as a lot of people like PvP.
    Fly at spawn. Its just great. We had it in V3.
    Crates Revamp. Made a whole thread about this that can be found here
    Warp free. Everyone can work together and build wonderful things - would require a rank.
    Mines for all ranks. Cyclone and other ranks deserve mines! Not just god!
    Time for money. Unranked people could get money by playing.
    Fix voting. No need to explain.
    Games. You could get a group of friends and jump into a game of idk, KoTH!
    Anti Advertising plugin - we all know why.
    Filter hoppers. Hoppers that act as a 1block item filter.
    Increase Island size.
    Merge islands, would be awesome
    Gif frames. GOATS!!!1
    For the /ci command to have an alias called /goateatall
    Unranked players get better missions so they can catch up with ranked players
    The Voting partys to drop random items like in V3.
    Envoys have better items
    Perm coop
    Fix the bug where if you move you wont get expelled from an island

    That's about it. I don't have any more ideas, and if I do, I'll add them.

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