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Skyblock - Missions Ideas

Discussion in 'Under Consideration' started by orangecrush, May 12, 2017.

  1. IGN: NTHrhymeswORANGE
    Which area of the network is your suggestion for: The /missons command

    Describe your suggestion: Missions is a great idea, but unfortunately they are too easy and are the same ones over and over again. New and harder missions need to be included for variety and experienced players.

    Any photos/videos to show the suggestion: none

    How would this suggestion benefit the network: Having missions that vary would keep more players interested in completing missions and playing on the server more.

    Anything else: Oh yes!

    • Have mission levels we can choose from with each level having an expected finishing time frame ex: Easy = 1 hr or less, Medium = 2-5 hrs, Hard 6+ hours, and Consecutive.
    • The rewards need to fit the effort needed for the missions without being too op (either no leg keys at all for rewards or only for 1 or 2 missions will have leg keys) all rewards do not need to be keys, could be money, xp, success dust, ability to use a special command for a set time, a temporary rank upgrade for a set time, god apples, invitation to a special event (like a boss battle or a pvp against staff), entry into a drawing for an OP item or leg key. Really, anything that is popular ingame would make a great reward
    Ideas of Missions that could be added:
    • Moving up xx spots on island ranking
    • Visit xx different islands
    • build a parkour/maze something fun or interactive (would require staff to say it's completed)
    • make a chest shop with xx number of chests
    • build a x size ?? farm (pumpkin, sugarcane etc)
    • create a pixel art with min size (would require staff to say it's completed)
    • make an introduction post on the forums ( something that could only be completed once of course)
    • gain xx island levels in a single session
    • place xx blocks (can be any block or specify block type)
    • add other time frames (play 3/5/7 hrs)
    • chopping xx trees
    • mining xx blocks in cobble gen
    • place xx spawners
    • logging on xx consecutive days
    • completing xx missions (if different level of missions is added then can specify which level)
    • participate in a public boss battle
    • collect 1 item from a crate drop
    • have xx players (non staff) sign your island (would require staff to say it's completed and I say non staff so people are not bugging staff to sign their island in order to complete the task)
    Please comment with any other mission suggestions so there is a good variety.
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  2. I do quite like the idea of some of these new missions and features, it would definitely be cool to see some kind of work related missions suck as the wood chopping.

    Your Friendly Llama,
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  3. Nice! Would be great addition to skyblock. Not really a fan of the thing that say that a staff has to say it's completed because then people would be bugging staff all the time
  4. Anything Else? "Oh yes!"
  5. Amazing idea! Would love some other missions beside the main ones like play 1 hr, place blocks, kill people, etc
  6. I don't typically like to pvp in Skyblock because the gear is so limited. I think this one deserves a bigger reward.
  7. There's ways to "cheat" the kill mission by just "kill boosting" which is mainly what people do for this mission and most times I don't find it difficult although they can easily change this by making it so you can't kill the same players within 24 hours an it would definitely make it a whole lot more difficult.
  8. What would happen if there weren't the amount of different people within the time limit in pvp?
  9. I'm not a pvp player at all either and it's not worth the reward, to me, to pay ppl to allow me to kill them. I don't think they would want to put a cool down on killing the same player though because, for the ppl who like to pvp, it would make pvp pretty much useless. As far as the amount of ppl if they were to impose a cool down, 24 hrs is a pretty long time to find 10 ppl willing to get paid to be killed. Just put a msg in chat that u looking for ppl

    *cough, cough* since getting killed in pvp doesn't affect island death count, I am more than willing to be a sacrifice in the name of missions (for a small fee, of course xD )
  10. You can continue to add suggestions to this thread as it will be moved to under consideration :) Good suggestion.
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