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Silk pick didn't work

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Finn_Wallis, Jun 12, 2018.

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    Explanation of the bug and steps required to reproduce the bug:

    I mined a Witch spawner with a silk touch pick but didn’t get the spawner. I made sure there was no entity clear coming up and after I had mined it, I checked everywhere on the floor, but it had disappeared. Also, no other player was on my island at the time.

    Any photo/video of the bug in effect:
    Sadly I wasn’t recording at the time, but i'm sure there is a way to check that I did in fact have a witch spawner.

    Any other info that can help us smash the bug (optional):
    I’m not sure exactly why this happened, first time its happened to me.
  2. Are you sure you were using a silk touch pickaxe?
  3. Yes it was defiantly a silk pick, it was also the only pick in my inventory so I couldn't of mixed it up