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Shark's ban appeal

Discussion in 'Archived Ban Appeals' started by Sharkmatiix, May 13, 2017.


Should I be unbanned

Poll closed May 19, 2017.
  1. Yes

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  2. Maybe

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  3. No

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  4. I Fell sorry for you and you should be unbanned

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  1. #1 Sharkmatiix, May 13, 2017
    Last edited: May 15, 2017
    Your IGN: Shark_L (was Sharkmatiix)
    Reason for Ban: MicroTransactions
    Time & Date of Ban: 11/05/17 Evening
    Name of Staff member who banned you: Dylz
    Why you should be unbanned: I would like to be unbanned because First I didn't know that this wasn't allowed Dylz let me of with a warning, but then I said ban me then I was really piss** and sad that I just heard news that a friend passed away 2 days ago, I was still trying to get other it I Love cyclone. Cyclone is the best server that I play on I have no other servers to play on as I have no friends on their all my friends are on Cyclone. Since I got banned I tried at get on, but I cant because I'm banned I didn't mean to say "ban me then" I was upset at the time Hope you can understand.
    Supporting Evidence [Optional] 2017-05-12_19.41.32.png
  2. At least I understand, I usually feel grumpy after something happens in real life and get myself muted :p
  3. I'm sorry for your lost of a close friend :(, but my question about this is did u actually do a micro transaction or did you mention one in anyway that led of to your ban??

    If your report doesn't work out,
    You can just buy an unban on the server store store HERE:

    It's only $10 for tier 1, $20 for tier 2 and $30 for tier 3.
  4. 1) I did a micro transaction, but the report when fine, but when I asked Dylz he said it wasn't allowed he was letting me off with a chance, but I said ban me then he banned me I was really upset.

    2) I Don't have paypal nor Money how did u think I got the ranks?
  5. Thanks for understanding soft <3
  6. GL man hope you come back and join us back again
  7. Thanks!
  8. #UnbanSharky
    Idk what any of that means but still
    Sorry for u getting banned I feel u I got perm muted earlier but I bought an unban. If u have no money go to your parents and start begging
  9. No don't start begging! You have to make a post in the Off Topic section saying that you will be willing to pay someone (IGM) for an unban. Don't waste your parent's time by begging for an ingame item.
  10. No soft I mean like that sharky should beg his parents for hard jobs to EARN money
  11. Why hasn't any staff looked at this?!?! Like Dylz!
  12. Generally speaking the staff member who banned the player has the deciding factor of whether the ban is revoked or not, wait on Dylz to decide, the other staff don't have to look at this thread.
  13. Alright thanks
  14. Staff have looked but considering this is a strange situation with you pretty much being asked to be banned after doing something wrong, we are leaving it for the staff member, in this instance Dylz, to deal with it. Be patient, he will get to you soon.
  15. Shark, i will offer all my ingame items for your unban so i should get you out soon
  16. Wait are microtransactions banable now?
  17. They've always been bannable.
  18. Even Cyclone related?
  19. Cyclone-related transactions are okay, it's just when a player sells in-game items for stuff outside of Cyclone such as other servers that it becomes a bannable offense.
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