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Server State/Update 0.0

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone,
    It has been a long time since I have spoken with any of you and I feel an informative message is in order.

    My absence:
    As you may or may not know, Dylz has been basically running the server for me. This is due to me just needing a break. I’ve been running this server for a very long time and it gets draining. Players constantly hating didn’t help and I guess it got to me. It pains me to see the server in the state it is in because as I've said before it's been apart of my life forever.

    Issues, there's plenty as i’m sure you're aware. Countless people have been having issues connecting to the server, this is due to mojang blocking the server. A few people can still trickle in sometimes but majority will have issues connecting. I have contacted them and am just waiting for their response. Please wait bear with me as I wait for them to unblock the server, it shouldn't take anymore then 2 days from now.

    Updates, YES! Cyclone will be changing. As of right now, Cyclone and all of its staff will be working strictly on skyblock. Until skyblock is fully fleshed out and everything is working perfect or near perfect nothing and I mean NOTHING will be happening with other servers. When this point of working on other server will happen you the players will be notified as soon as possible. Gamemodes that will be added have not been finalized and will be mostly based on player demand and suggestions. This version of cyclone is going to be a new direction for Cyclone Network to get us back on track to being a welcoming server for all to enjoy their free time on and forget about the other crap in their lives. Updates on server changes will be posted as much as possible as I want to keep the players informed as much as I can as that hasn’t been Cyclone Networks strongest area over the years.

    I just wanted to take this time to thank all of the players that have joined cyclone network over the years. Be it the people that are still playing now or the people that joined for a day and left. Every player matters to me and i’m appreciative of every single one of you for allowing me to host a server. If you have any questions please ask them down below. My self or the community manager will answer you ASAP.

    Thank you for all your hard work Dylz, it has not gone unnoticed.
    On that note, I would like to welcome Brody as the new community manager, welcome.

    Give your farewell wishes to Dylz in the comments and let us know what you're thinking... Maybe not thinking but your thoughts are!

    Thank you,

    Manager/Owner: Hayden
    Community Manager: Brody
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  2. Good bye Dylz you will be missed and welcome Brody. In time things will be fixed it might be hard but it will be worth it to see the server back or better then when i joined back in 2014. I wish luck to all staff for the headache.
  3. What about Prison server?
  4. He very clearly said ‘nothing and I mean NOTHING will be happening to other servers’
  5. bye dylz welcome brody
    ps prisssooooooooonnnn
  6. Yay

    Think u'll need more staff tho. Sure there are many including myself to help ;)
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  7. Thanks for this message Hayden. I'll be sure to check CN out again once it looks cool and promosing again. Untill then, stay awesome:)
  8. Very excited for the server, hopefully it will get back out there like ig use to be. But only time can tell...

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  9. Very excited to see what's to come ;D
    And I do think it's good to just focus on one server and make sure it's working without problems before moving to working on other servers.

    Farewell to you Dylz! I think there is an apology everyone in the community should give you for being so harsh and toxic against you.
    And what comes to Hayden being back in the lead, I hope everyone can act nicely and only give constructive criticism! :D

    And congratulations to Brody!! (Better do your job well or I'll have to eat all of your curry ;D)

  10. I'll be back for Prison

  11. Congratz Brody!
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  12. #Hyyyppppeeee
    Congrats Brody ;)
  13. Finally, Brody.
  14. This is the exact reason why I love this server so much... An owner that truly cares about the players. Please, don't give up on us. I know we can be real PITAes, but please don't give up on us.

    I am not a type of person that plays on multiple servers, when I find a server I like it's where I "live", and CN is home.

    Dylz, thank you so much for all the time and effort you have always put into the server. I've never been one that is very active in chat when I'm on, but I always enjoyed when you were on skyblock. No matter what, it was always entertaining. Good luck and good life to you.

    I can't wait to see what's to come.
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  15. - Anyone remember me? The guy who's been playing cyclone for 3+ years. :p Man, I've seen so much that has happened over the years. Creative(;)), sky-block, factions, kit-pvp, sky-grid, all the hub changes, its all changed so much. Cyclone entertained me so much, even when my favorite server creative was removed, i still played.

    - I remember the first time I played this server. I saw it in a video promotion by TruMu. The stone crater/cave hub with four giant stone doors on all 4 sides, spruce cages hanging down with the staff members inside, 4 stone brick fire holders on each (corners) of the circular stone slab center, all the awesome builds I have created in the creative server, and lastly, my many friends I've met and continued to play with after that and even to this day still talking with them.

    I really hope this server becomes great again, even if i am shying away from Minecraft now.

    And farewell Dylz, Thank you for all you have done for the server! And welcome Brody.

    -dylandustinrocks / AkanaKitsuneNeo
  16. I legitimately cant even wait for this server to come back.

    I'm typically the person to play up to 5 servers at one time and for almost as long as i've known of this server this has been one of those 5. I'm not a fan of the massive servers that you meet 400 new people on everyday, i like small communities that i can see on daily and remember familiar faces. I once played a server like this that was the only place i felt at home in that time of my life. I was going through some hard things and i could always count on my friends to be there. And i feel like if something like that ever happens again with me playing on cyclone i can have my friends help me through again. I can't wait for this server to be back up and once you fix Skyblock you have hundreds of people knocking on your door waiting for prisons including me. So get Skyblock sorted and i hope prison is next! :)
  17. Cyclone has a few problems that need to be fixed, but I have faith that they will be fixed over time. I was hanging on by a thread waiting to see if Cyclone would be “risen from the dead,” and I was starting to speculate that nothing was going to happen. Then I came across this thread the other day. The fact that you have presented your love to the server and the community really shows how much you care and how heartbroken you must have been when you saw the server in this state. I’m excited with the upcoming changes, change is a part of life. With the help of the staff and the community, we can make that happen. With that being said, thanks for the hard work Dylz, even though we’ve had a few bumps in the road when I was on the staff team. Congrats Brody on becoming the new Community Manager, you better do a better job than Kian ;)
  18. :thinking:
  19. You speak of Cyclone having a few problems. If you would be so kind as you message me what the problems you speak of are I will be sure they are fixed on the reset!


    Community Manager
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