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Server Reset Release exact time!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. Hello all!

    After many days of hard work and adding finishing touches and bug fixing we are going to release in 10 hours!

    Timezone list of when the server resets

    We cant wait for you to all see the new changes to skyblock and the release of factions, Prison will be released at a later date so I can really focus on it to make it the best it can be, it should be released within a week of the others c:

    Love you, dylz
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  2. u smell bad

    can't wait I'm excited I'll try to get on before my ping goes terrible c:
  3. Whoopy
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    Oh noes that time oof'd me. it would be midnight here in Finland D:

    *SHUTDOWN procedure started*
    Karri turning of for a week or until prison is released
    *SHUTDOWN procedure completed*
  5. Ugh again a bad time fot europe people
  6. Nice karri I feel like doing the same
  7. 11PM for me :c
  8. I'm fine with times, I hope, I'm only planning to play prison
  9. same for me kinda bs but im getting used to the times here are being bad for eu playerss
  10. ik raymoon but at 3 am he says the is in release in 17 hours so it would release at 8 pm for us but the picture in the thread say something else idk which one to believe
  11. if it were at 8pm for you guys the most prominent time zone (i think) est would have the reset at 10pm which yes i get isnt that late but for any people who like to sleep its devastating (me) ;)
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  12. Thank god its going to be 5 PM for me, what a perfect time.
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  13. Totally not jealous..
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  15. Prison won't be out for a little while yet :)
  16. Little while? LIES
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  17. Update on prison?
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