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Server Reset (ITS GOOD NEWS)

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Broanater, Jul 23, 2018.


Which server do you want to see?

  1. Towny

    18 vote(s)
  2. Factions

    5 vote(s)
  3. Regular Survival

    16 vote(s)
  4. Creative

    5 vote(s)
  5. Kit Pvp

    1 vote(s)
  6. Skywars

    0 vote(s)
  1. Hello everyone,

    I know the title of this is making you think, “You lied! You said this was going to last!” Sad truth is. 1.12 turned out to be harder to manage than anticipated. The un-optimized plugins and lag caused by it has proven to be too much handle. For this reason it is with a sad heart that I have to inform you that the server will be aiming to reset on Friday July 27th, 2018, back to 1.8 base. To allow players all weekend to play, however the backup date is Saturday July 28th, 2018 incase an issue pops up last minute. As you may or may not have noticed, Hayden(Dwizofoz) has been MIA for the last little bit. This has been due to him enrolling in college and not having as much time for Cyclone related things. Due to this Vyzon and I will be running the server on his behalf with him stopping by when he has time.

    The reset server has been in the works behind the scenes for a while now and we are finally ready to announce it and reset. With the coming reset we have some new feature we wish to share with you!

    Island Management

    You can now better fine tune your island members permissions! By having a hierarchy within your island and being able to customize the permissions yourself. While promoting and demoting as you please.




    Different pets will provide different benefits along with having different costs. Some being obtainable in game and others requiring a purchase. Here is an example of one the better pets.




    Ever wanted to put a target on someone's head? Well now you can! Place the bounty on the head of another to make them pay for what they did to you!

    Crop/Mob Hoppers
    Yes that's right. These hoppers will allow you to pig up specific things and allow you to use fewer hoppers!



    Also, prison is on its way! Keep your eyes on announcements regarding prison release if that's what you’ve been waiting for. This prison is going to be somewhere in between OP and regular prison so get ready!

    What server do you want to see next?

    You may have skipped past it but at the top of this post there is a poll for what server you want to see next. After selecting your choice please leave an explanation/reasoning behind your choice in the comments below.

    What's something you wish Cyclone Network had?

    By this I mean anything your imagination can think of. Be it a small event idea, or a whole new plugin idea whatever you can think of or want I want to hear it. For this you can comment it down below for others to read but you're also more than DM me either here on the forums or on discord.

    One time purchases made from July 15th, 2018 EST to the reset day will be re run.

    That is it for now. Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or concerns in the comments or DM me and I will get back to you as soon as I can! I’m looking forward to this reset as the server is looking great!

    PS: Vyzon is to blame for the "Dank" spoilers

    Thank you,


    Cyclone Admin

    And the rest of the Cyclone Team.
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  2. Dank
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  3. Suggestion: 16x16 (one chunk) sized skyblock where completing challenges increases the size of the island by a little bit and gives some other neat rewards alongside of it.

    My reason for picking regular survival: It was a decision between Towny and survival but ended up with regular survival for no actual reason. I don't think Skywars or kitpvp will last as they don't have that large of a playerbase on Cyclone. Creative is something that I've seen people wanting to get back but it usually dies quite fast as well due to it literally just building... nothing else. And as shown through the last few versions, factions dies within one or two weeks from release.
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  4. BTW, I know it's a reset but, will my island get deleted?

    PS. Y'all arlready know it vwas meh who voted for creative. Bring back creative again! I'm an oldie :<
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    also apologies for my recent absence on the server, i have been on a vacation in o’ahu, hawaii and will be until the 28th of july, so it’ll be hard to contact me until then
  6. Aside from Prison, I'd love to see a Creative server available again. They're great fun to try out builds on and practise building in general.
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  7. Yup, creative was so fun back in the day as well on this server.
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  8. so will we get some thing for the skyblock reset
  9. Hype, very excited for the reset!
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  10. towny noobs we want kit pvp lol

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  11. SURVIVAL. It's less afking and more doing fun stuff!. But don't give donators op kits. Just give them perms to claim more land and set more homes and warps.
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  12. KITPVP is also fun but it is to p2w.
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  13. Survival because i have more fun mining and gathering resources instead of just afking ig's and getting iron
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  14. Reg survival because it's the only good option there
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  15. Dank means ty in my language soo its pretty awkward
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  16. That is a weird idea. It's just from the Captive minecraft map.
  17. This allows you to "pig" up items
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  18. Towny, I haven't really got into towny and I don't really know how to play it, so I would love to try it!
  19. Finally 1.8, and it is good seeing prison back, and another mode to play on. It's generally more fun than just plain old Skyblock.
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  20. Glad to hear that it will now be on a stable version which will remove the lag and the redstone bugs <3. I kinda miss Factions but this Towny thing (from what i've heard) sounds alright.