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See you later, kids.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Gabe, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. You all probably know me, if you know personally you might think 'Why is he just leaving with no personal goodbyes?' Because I'm lazy and cab but I'm leaving for personal reasons

    I love all of you and will defiantly miss you all!


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  2. See you later Gabe, you will truly be misssed on Cyclone.

    Your Friendly Llama,
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  3. See ya later gabor. See what I did there? Instead of gator I put gabor HA I bet you're thinking "pur just stfu" but okay I'll listen to you.

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  4. Sloth No......
    I will miss you ....
    I wanna eat ice cream with you
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  5. NAH I CANT ITS APRIL FOOLS FFS, thanks for the messages but ermmmm. I ain't going anywhere
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  6. pce fam lyl
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    Sloth you are an idiot<3333:p
  8. But Gabe ):
  9. But Hen. It's April Fools...
  10. You R00D, R00D person. :p

    Your Friendly Llama,
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  11. Thank gosh for that xd
  12. Oi oi throwback
  13. 10 goodbyes and one introduction