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Discussion in 'Archived Player Reports' started by Natenumber8, Feb 20, 2016.

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  1. Your IGN: Natenumber8
    IGN(s) of the reported player: Koalagy (Paul)
    Time & Date of broken rule: February 20th, around 2:55 PM Central time
    Which rule(s) did the player(s) break?: Scammed
    Explain briefly what had happened: He was going to buy me a rank upgrade from rain to wind. We discussed and I said I'd pay part of it first, then he'd get me the rank, and then I'd give him the rest. After I gave him the first part, he quickly logged off.
    Support evidence:
    Me saying what would happen:
    Clarifying the buy:
    Me sending money and him logging off:
    Showing Paul is Koalagy:
  2. UPDATE: He says he bought it for me but misspelled my name. Can an Admin take a look?
  3. The purchase is not under the recent purchases in buycraft. He is lying

    *Also is there proof he agreed to this? Its not in your screenshots
  4. So you're saying that in the server store there is a recent items bought part, right? Wouldn't you have to be online to claim it and have it be the actual name? I'm just not sure.
  5. No, the player doesn't need to be online. The next time they log into the server, they will get the rank
  6. I highly doubt he bought it
  7. But what if they misspelled the name lol
  8. If they mispelled the name it would still come up under Nate7 bought Rain to Wind or what ever the purchase was. Also go into logs get proof of him agreeing because all you have shown is you saying this is what it is
  9. Here you go:
  10. Hey Nate,

    Due to sufficient evidence your report will be accepted and your money will be taken off "Paul" and given back to yourself, due to the rank not being bought this ban will go under the classification of a normal scam and not a rank scam, Thank you for the report and your cooperation.

    Sincerely, Dylz
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.