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Reset time! Let's ALL GET... Happy? :)

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Sep 15, 2017.



  1. Litty!

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  2. England is your city?

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  1. I think I might hit the hay for some phat nap times (5 hours or so hehe)... I've been awake for 36+ hours, I'm a beast "ya'll can't handle this" (premium tag for the 1st person to tell me what song that line's from). Server's are looking fantastic and ready for an on time release. Ya'll better be on time for this release! I should will be :) If I'm not you can blame @Juscky for not trying hard enough to wake me up. Gg bai my fam bam seeya soon mane! skrt skrt ta ta TOOO THHEEE MOON!! BLUUUUOOOPP!
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  2. 36+ hours such skillz, y'all cant handle this is from It's Everyday Bro I think
    wth why you gotta do this to me, I'm not a big fan o_O
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    Its a jake pauls disstrack/song!!
    "Its Everyday Bro"
  4. i <3 u too
  5. Is it delayed or is it I just got the time wrong?
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  6. It's 5pm for us xD
  7. RIP
  8. "liccle" they melted
  9. But do paper ranks stay ?!?!?!?!?!
  10. why is 5 pm rip its 6 pm for me that means i got 7 hours to play
  11. Will there be a 90% sale during the reset?
  12. Will there be kitpvp
  13. Same gamemodes as before.
  14. It is in about 8 and half hrs as of this post.

    Lol it's 2AM for me

    Not sure. But 2 hrs after reset there will be a dp. And last reset only god stayed. Not sure this one. And cant ask atm as Dwzi is getting some shut eye. To push the rest of the stuff on his list. Before hand.

    Look what was written in the first post.
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  15. "y'all can't handle this" Are lyrics from the song "It's everyday bro" by Jake Paul. ;D

    Soooooo excited!!!1!!
    Can't wait to get to play prison. :D (hope you made the eco stable enough for me, Bamboozel, Soft_Potato and couple of other people ;) )

    Currently I have 8 and a half hours of studying until the server resets and I'm unable to concentrate on school xD


    -Karri104 "The Stegosaurus"
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  16. L I T T Y
  17. Do Paper ranks stay?
    I have Cyclone on Prison but my global rank is only rain lol
  18. Better buy them blobal rans bro
  19. It's looking like im gunna win that $50 voucher from Voting xD then ill be Hurricane/Hail
  20. The store is updated, from a 225$ God/Zeus rank do we get the minions? or do we have to buy them appart?