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Reset time! Let's ALL GET... Happy? :)

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Sep 15, 2017.



  1. Litty!

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  2. England is your city?

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  1. Your DP kinda says other wise there Dylz.
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    PSA: If you are under the age of 16 do not click this link ^.^ (sexual innuendo's but a lit song, fam)

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  3. As long as I get a reply back, I am not stopping this amazing reply chain. :)

    I always liked events, like tourements, egg hunts, ect. I also liked when plots were merge-able. I also loved warp free, and HEADS :D

    Something that needs to change is being able to use picks (Haste/Speed/Jump boost), enderchests, and pv in pvp areas. It makes pvp unfun and never ending.

    EDIT: Also removing /fix & /fixall in pvp to make it fair in a sense.
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  4. Replied! Like I said man, I'm in the flippin' zone. You like tournaments? Message me on Discord the ones you want on what server and how often you believe they should be held. Plots are now mergeable again! :eek: Rankup to warp free and it's all yours! Heads... I'll sleep on it, well, there'll be no sleeping going on here so I'll just think about it 25 hours awake and still litty. Blocking Enderchests, PV's and Picks? DONE! Removing Fix/Fixall in PvP? DONE! Let's get it, PRISON 2 THE MOON! :eek::eek::eek:
  5. HYPE!!
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  6. Thx for the shoutout babe, reset Hype!
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  7. Are rank transfers possible? (j2o -> CLAES
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  8. I've never played prison really I started on OP face and it was very pvp based. I'd love to see more pvp!
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  9. Just because of how excited I am... No. jks pm me on forums a week after release, I might be able to sort something out :)
  10. will there still be emojis
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  11. i live in nc lol
  12. new comer: What I don't understand is why does cyclone NEVER and I mean NEVER have any natural disasters? The only one that happens is rain! plz make the name of the server make sense

    Confusing, but
    You make less sense than
    Cyclone will ever. Everyone
    Loves Dwiz, and
    Of course the staff team too.
    No one excluded, because
    Everyone combined is a cyclone, a cyclone of love which we spread out to one another
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  13. Hmmm... I think we could make something cool out of this. I'll add it to my never ending doc of ideas (you will get your creative credit if executed). :D
  14. can u plz simpify the words. im an 11 year old who doesnt understand real english (no for real I dont get 1/2 of what u said, [also kinda scared about the executed part]).
  15. if we use ur idea I will say u came up with idea cxz xd gg #RESETBOII
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  16. ohhhh okay. tho what does cxz mean
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  17. Sorry but...
    I still love you Goat, just know that.
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  18. Double Reply! I have another suggestion! As a man of competitive play in all games, I do think there should be an addition to the "Quests" or "challenges". I recall these little missions you were able to do on your skyblock island, but most of the time they were easy due to the player being able to buy the resources, or get them rather quickly. I propose to "re-add" these wonderful things, but making them harder. Persay one of them was "Become #1 in island levels!" or "Obtain 100 kills" or even "Kill (insert boss name)" sort of little things you can do on the side. Persay, a title for completing one of these tasks, or a special item.

    Another competition related thing is Kills/Island/Faction Top. All three of these are sometimes ignored, (I know, crazy right? who wouldn't want to see my name at the top of kills.) and sometimes are heavily cared about. As there is an island top & factions top command already, I think kills should be readded as well, if not already, and possibly a reward for managing to keep the top rank in a selected category for x amount of days. My main theme here is just rewarding players for doing stuff other than just farming spawners and mining for hours upon hours.

    - Other ideas

    - Gangs/Clans (best thing ever, other than the ability to kill people for their heads)
    - Events/ Competitions (Probs just gonna message Dwiz as asked above :))
    - Custom Enchants (Were amazing to mess with, mostly just want to keep a watch out for balancing & making more)
    - Discord Funtime? (Back in the old days of Cyclone, people used TeamSpeak, which was similar to discord but not as cool in my opinion. Nevertheless, shenanigans occurred like Nicole/Musque singing O Canada, or on a rare occasion people would drink and play. Point being, I think there is a need of vocal communications rather than text.)
    - Plugin DJ (Fantastic website which Cyclone uses as a way to have players listen to music together while playing - should be a thing still)
    - idfk I am running out of ideas
    - Adding Easter Eggs (Self-explanatory, mostly just hiding fun jokes or references throughout maps, and if people find them, they can claim a one-time use reward)
    - HelpOP (Fantastic real-time reporting system that needs to be added if not already in use)
    - Custom Mobs (Something that was in skyblock that was really fun, if in need of creating even more powerful mobs, contact me ;))

    I just ran thoughts through my head and wrote them down, hopefully, these make sense, again just suggestions or ideas/recaps. Most important aspects that make Cyclone unique or better in a sense.
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  19. Will there be a ban reset, I look to noobish without a profile picture lol
  20. There won't be a unban reset. How ever dwiz has unbanned a few people for the reset. So depending on why you were banned and if you talk to him in pm. He might unban.
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