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Reset time! Let's ALL GET... Happy? :)

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Sep 15, 2017.



  1. Litty!

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  2. England is your city?

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  1. lol i might play factions
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  2. I'm gunna be first on prison, claim the best plots, make an is on sb and invite all the people who are joining it (message me if anybody wants to btw :) #Sellout) then im gunna try out Facs when its up
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  3. Can't wait for the reset, just one thing though, Survival pls give me i might actually die if i can't play it next v <3
  4. Sorry everyone, I did made a slight error (it won't make any different just a slight mistake)! The reset day for Australian Brisbaners will be Sunday 2AM. I accidentally put "Saturday" which has already passed. Shout out to @Juscky for telling me who's boss. TOO THE MOON!
  5. It is what it is, refunds for backpacks would be too difficult.
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  6. :oops: Sorry fam... Maybe soon!? :eek: I wouldn't hold your breath! Maybe take 2 breaths?
  7. muh heart is brok
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  8. Still come checkout Skyblock :cool: or even Prison, rankup to free for "FREE"DOM! :) Murica... oops, did I just leak? Nah, it's in the post above! Scammed!
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  9. What happened to v1 pvp m8
  10. Pls elaborate a little more and I'm very glad to see your name again, hope you stick around! ;)
  11. Oh :( What's wrong with squares, huh?
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  12. Squares are better than Rectangle's, Rectangles are uneven and confusing
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  13. Woot!! Can not wait. Means little sleep tonight then haha. But will be well worth it :D

    But I can not wait till our lunch "date"

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  14. My hopes are to see the roots of cyclone come back, this is after all the place I started playing minecraft. You heard me right, the first server I ever played on. I just thought it would be dank to see some stuff that makes me feel old m8. I mention pvp because that was literally all I did, and that's how I met a bunch of friends that I wish I still talked to.

    I try to play each time a reset happens, as a little anniversary for myself. You may see me, or you may not. ;)

    Nice seeing you haven't given up after all this time.
  15. Just read that email that got sent out, that 15% off code doesn't seem to be working... probs was too fast to check tho xD
    Also if you have a 25% off reduction, then a further 15% reduction...
    100 (base number)
    ((100*0.75)*0.85) would equal 63.75, therefore that would be a 36.25% reduction (100%-63.75%), though in the e-mail it says that it would be a 40% off altogether, so that would mean that they stack with each other, not a further reduction!
    (Sorry if that made your brains hurt a liccle bit)
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  16. If it wasn't so early in the morning I'd say let the little one play! :D
  17. Hmmm... Maybe, JUST MAYBE! I might be able to give all those old server files up for download if I still have them, I'll be sure to look in my spare time. Because I do also miss those days... Sadly we've had to move with the prison times and give everyone everything for nothing essentially, if you know what I mean... That's Minecraft prison these days but thankfully prison's coming back as a trendy popular game to play again after being destroyed by skyblock popularity. PRISON TO THE MOON? Let me know what you guys don't like and what you like. What I really want to know is should be remove Escavator? It's really OP and kinda ruins the game quick, let me know! JOIN THE "JAKE"CYCLON"PAULERS"ERS. p.s wow, I seem to have a lot of personally when I'm sleep deprived of 24 hours. Lets goo! cxxx xddd
  18. Glad you got it, was it in spam? The code will be enabled right before launch! I'll post here when it's activated. Please make sure you enjoy the server before donating anything, thanks! p.s Yes, I did lose a few brain cells but nothing killing a few nerds (beautiful people) on CycloneNetwork won't fix ;)
  19. cats are the best
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