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Reset time! Let's ALL GET... Happy? :)

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Sep 15, 2017.



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  1. Hey guys, it's your boi swagofoz, you all have probably wondered where I've been... Well, that's personal and I'd rather not publicly announce it, for those who do know, thank you for checking up on me, you are not forgotten! much love.

    Now for the juicy? stuff... The server will be resetting this Saturday 12:00PM in North Carolina which is Timezone GMT-4 and Sunday 2:00AM in Brisbane which is in the timezone AEST. This will be simple to convert to your timezone by typing in Google (for example) "12PM GMT-6 to *your timezone*".

    I'll not post something long because every time I do do something such as this there's always an issue with the server so I'm going to leave it short and sweet this time, hope you understand <3 edit: so long with short and sweet!... but there is some stuff you don't know about...

    • New spawn
    • New Hub aesthetic...
    • Oh yeah, your ranks are on hub too! Shame you don't get any perms... yet!


    • Edited spawn
    • Skywars coming soon
    • Overhauled economy, learn quick!
    • Convert mob heads to coins which can be used in a token shop like menu to buy donor items.
    • A completely brand new minion system, yes the rumors are true!
    • Bosses with all new drops, yes that will be listed on the Buycraft!
    • A Island Upgrade button, bigger islands!
    • Warp/Kits GUI
    • Casino
    • Addition of the "like" feature
    • Nerf of the September Crate
    • Fixed Missions
    • Fixed Island Top
    • Fixed Island Bank
    • Fixed Enchantments and more!
    • Auctions with categories
    • Donor shop... Still need to add more to it, be patient please!
    • Much more...
    Yes, p0wer0wner will be joining us again. He took time off of the server temporarily until I got the server ready and epic, I think this time has come. If not, leave down what you think should be added/changed. Maybe we have some time? Probably not! HAHA, jks, seriously, it might be added.

    • Repair hand sign at spawn (I know you're all happy, inside, that's why I put it at the top)
    • New spawn
    • Overhauled economy, also learn quick!
    • Convert mob heads to coins which can be used in a token shop like menu to buy donor items.
    • Unarmed McMMO skill disabled + all other skills capped at 1000! No, not over 9000! (memes, jks, kms).
    • Custom Bosses that spawn in the warzone every 12 hours!
    • 2 Setup King of the Hill's
    • Personal leveling system
    • Separate factions leveling system
    • Factions Vault
    • Warp/Kits GUI
    • Fixed Enchantments + Infusion, helpful for base building
    • Crates altered
    • Top Factions which is having some minor issues
    • Npc's for the top killers and money holders
    • Donor shop... Still need to add more to it, be patient please!
    • Much more...
    Youtuber(s) for factions? We're really trying to get a Youtuber for factions, we think we got him on the tip of our tongue! As for the creation of factions an old friend named Vyzon, you may have heard of him, he helped me. If you're a factions player now or will be in the future please thank him! Note: We may not release factions on the day/hour as we have not got advertising just yet and know how it's gone for us in the past. Please keep patient, may be an extra day.

    • New spawn
    • New rank names
    • New rank prices
    • Roman themed mines
    • Overhauled server
    • New custom pickaxe enchantments/armor enchantments
    • Fixed Backpacks, you have have as many as you want, friends!
    • Anarchy in the nether, ohhh, spooky! KILL KILL KILL!
    • Free world added, not half arsed this time!
    • Donor shop... Still need to add more to it, be patient please!
    • Drugs coming soon!? Well... farm items you can click and get the same effects as potions!
    • Friendly/Passive mobs spawn in mines so you can get different animal drops? Cool!
    • Special prison game? Coming soon.
    • and mosty of what's above like the kits/warps GUI, overhauled crates... yada yada yada!
    Hmm, PRISON! My favorite gamemode! It sure does need some advertising so we're actively looking for Youtubers, if you have any suggestions let us know! Edit: We may have found one!

    More servers later?... Keep reading!

    Well, I hope you're all excited as I am and enjoy my attempt to be comedic... It may not have been as I'm running on fumes and will continue to do until 2am my time... Now that I think about it I might actually die if I stay away any longer, I'll try! Please let me know if you're disappointed and we'll do our best to remedy that issue. We will be doing a drop party 2 hours after release on each server (factions may be done at a later stage), I wouldn't risk not coming on though!

    What can I be expecting in the future?

    We have setup the servers to be updated every 2 weeks starting on the 17th Sunday Brisbane time (this does not include little updates/bug fixes). If this does not happen the server's domain's will be transferred to another trusted persons Namecheap account (who you will love), if in the event that this does happen you'll be stuck with another owner, far better than I (imo). Please keep up the support, I'm not here to go! Here's to not being slack and enjoy this great game with all my great mates! LETTTS GETTTIT!

    Don't forget!
    What ever happened to Teamspeak? Lord only knows.


    Thank you so much for your continued support,
    Sincerely, Hayden and I can speak for the whole staff team, The Cyclone Staff Team

    Love you, @Dylz , @Huggie , @Fire959fox , @MiToCam , @Juscky (who I will have lunch with!), @Rectangle (ma boo Charlie), @Dossy (where u at fam??) , Austin/@Hydro, @Jamiee , @ParadoxGamerYT and... @Vyzon! You guys seriously mean so much to me. Literally impossible to miss someone because the teams so small. APPLY!
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  2. Ok, I am very HYPED! For GMT it is 4:00pm, helpful I know :D
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  3. So much for keeping it short.. <3 -Bam
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    swaggggg #hype for donor shop!! dissapointing to see that you didn't do anything with me and british' thread...
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  5. Sorry for Posting Twice, but, in prison, plz tell me theres no rankup time delay or you guys added /rankupall or /rankupmax, everyone hates to wait to rankup
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  6. Is there gunna be ban resets? Skim read it all and cant see anything on it lol, (soz if i just didnt see it)
  7. I'm getting a boner

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  8. I need to resist, I need to resist... I CANT !!! # DWIZBESTOWNER
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  9. Sorry for double post: So faces eset isn't the same day?
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  10. Personally, very disappointed I am not at all surprised or happy about the changes. Nerf to September crate are you crazy!?!?

    Above is something a unhappy person would say, I'm very excited :) I hope this v will be amazing and hopefully consistent updates?
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  11. Ayyyyyyy dis is gunna be lit
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  12. Oh yeah... "God" rank is now "Zeus". Don't worry, there's no new donor rank! :)
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  13. Ahahaha! Love it, that's funny. 1x Legendary Key to you on the server of choice, sir. Make sure you ask me before I pass out though! :eek:
  14. It may be, we're just waiting to see if the Youtuber wishes to partner with us.
  15. Hmmm, good question. Negative! Anyone who's been banned has had more than enough chances to play again as a nice, civil player. No more chances!
  16. Awwww :( i got perm banned and still got nothing on my ban appeal :'( Looks like i'm not coming back then lol
  17. Hmm, let me check! *30 seconds later*... No, well. There is a command which is "/autorankup", try that! Good luck.
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  18. Guess who's Christmas came early? Yours did! welcome back, don't be a dildo again! <3
  19. Thank You So So So Much <3
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  20. Is there a backpack refund on prison? Or once you buy it there isn't a way that u can sell it