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Discussion in 'Factions' started by False, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Yeah hello. A little introduction since this is my first post. I'm False Prometheus and I joined the server a few weeks ago. I think? Any ways heres a story about my faction experience. Its been good but not great at times. I do think this is a wonderful server though.

    It all starts with me building a cactus farm. This cactus farm is of decent size and all. Then one day a player appears and says he wants me to move the entire farm. I say no and then after a few killings of the player and eventually raiding his base.(After the player grieved my farm). Sadly he tps in a god rank named ZBurnszz or something like that. Now at first Burns doesn't do anything but after a few days I come online to find that 1/3 of my farm is blown up. I repair it in about 2 hours. Then a little while later Burns comes on and attempts to grief my farm. I manage to blow up the cannon. We then fight. I manage to break his helmet and boots. He then tps away calling me a hacker.

    Well now I'm waiting for my farm to get griefed. So do you think I'm just being a salty and whiny baby or not?
    To some extent I will say I am being one. But to a justified extent.
  2. I do see where you're coming from. Unfortunately for you, there isn't a large platform around factions on this server. I think the max I've seen on at one time is 9. This means that active people are going to target active people. Although this may be deliberate it's because you are a threat to the other factions. I hope your experience becomes a little better and you have a fun time. Good luck!
  3. u can grief on facs and it is still getting fixed
  4. Your just being yourself. :/ Nothing wrong. Altought, cacti farm isn't the best way to go on factions.