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ranks get keys

Discussion in 'Archived Suggestions & Feedback' started by dizzy282, Jan 10, 2017.

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  1. just a suggestion but could there be create keys in ranks ever 5 times you open a key and that's its a random key
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  2. Currently, they have not implemented any keys for anything under God. God gets 2 legendary keys per kit. But, I agree something like Drought you get a vote key, Rain you get two vote keys, Wind an uncommon key, Hail 2 uncommon keys, Hurricane Mythical key, etc.
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    Damn thats so nice, I never knew god got keys per kit

    How about this other way to put it, I will put a mathematical explanation as to why below and an explanation to god too:
    God: 3 Legendary Keys
    I think god could have 1 more, because they might get mad that all of a sudden all ranks are getting keys and they could say that thats why they bought it etc. This would balance it out by saying "I know you might get mad but here's an extra key to say sorry

    Cyclone: 2 Legendary Keys

    Hurricane: 1 Legendary Key

    Hail: 1 Mythical Keys

    Wind: 1 Rare Key

    Rain: 1
    Uncommon Keys

    Drought: Either nothing or maybe some cash or maybe a vote key


    God > Cyclone = 1/3 decrease

    Cyclone > Hurricane = 1/2 decrease

    Hurricane > Hail = 1/4 decrease

    Hail > Wind = 1/3 decrease

    Wind > Rain = 1/2 decrease

    Rain > Drought = 1/2 Decrease

    > = to

    (This thing above seems useless but just because i did it(i forgot why i did it) I don't wanna erase it xD)


    If, 1 Leg key costed $60USD, Because (God)$180 ÷ 3 (Because of how many keys they are getting

    1 Mythical would cost $48.61USD

    1 Rare would cost $33.42USD

    1 Uncommon would cost $20.13USD


    37.9746835443038 = number that I must multiply the actual price of the other keys to get the price I need to make it the same 'currency' for the Legendary Key costs 60 dollars thing, idk how to explain it... The actual working would be 60 ÷ 1.58 (actual price)


    So in The end:

    $180 God: 3 Legendary Keys Per Kit

    $120 Cyclone: 2 Legendary Keys Per Kit

    $60 Hurricane: 1 Legendary Key Per Kit

    $45 Hail: 1 Mythical Key Per Kit

    $30 Wind: 1 Rare Key Per Kit

    $15 Rain: 1 Uncommon Key Per Kit

    $7.50 Drought: Either Nothing (That would seem too mean) or maybe some cash or like 1 voting key,


    NOTE: All of this was using the SALE prices, this most likely will go up but the price differential % will not.

    - Smitty_Jagerman

    Correct me if I have any errors, thanks!
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  4. Idk if it makes sense the 60 USD per key but what I mean is that like per kit you should get 1 leg key per 60USD and so ob=n
  5. I like the idea and your "math" really gives some emphasis to why it makes sense. +1 to this idea.
  6. Thanks
  7. Good idea but a little bit too OP... God allready get keys in kits (leg) but yeah others kit can give mythicals, uncommon, etc.
  8. yeah maybe, but if god gets kits you can argue that thats too op and other kits should get keys too. Like yeah maybe not Leg keys but maybe like a Mythical or something, idk. I just feel like, if God gets keys, 2 Leg keys, other ranks such as cyclone should get 1, minimum, Hurricane gets 2 Mythical or something like that idk
  9. God gets 1 legendary key. Also god gets the key because it costs $600 USD and it's on a week cooldown.
    At most I would think cyclone kit gets 1 rare key.
  10. I thought that Gods got 2 keys in the kit for Skyblock.
  11. I am 95% sure that they changed all the kits to 1 legendary key per kit.
  12. Well thats too bad :( oh well.
  13. But they added 1 legendary key for OP Faction and Prison Kits.And prison kits are 2 days per kit.
  14. Yes! Then that's good for me because I play a lot of prison and factions. (Also it's just normal factions it's not OP)
  15. Ah my bad.
    Well i'm off to bed.
  16. I tried all the servers, no kit on any server got a legendary key...
  17. it can be cool if : God give 1 leg. and 1 myt. key
    Cyclone give 1 rare key
    Hurricane give 1 uncommon key
    That's not really OP but we will see if this will be accepted
  18. They can't really cut down on what god already gets, that would cause gods to get mad or whatever, so maybe, God: 2 Leg
    Cyclone: 1 Leg
    Hurricane: 1 Mythical
  19. If god is paying 600$ without a sale they definitely deserve to get both the legendary keys. As for other ranks Cyclone is just as much and yes something else should be put in. Now that just about all commands are purchasable outside of /god and few others, kits need a little spruce up for the money you or someone else spent on your rank.
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  20. Yes I completely agree, now, but we cant just look at God, Cyclone, Hurricane and even Hail Is still a lot of money, now I'm not saying give us a Leg key, but something would be nice maybe a Mythical for hurricane and hail, and 1 leg for cyclone idk, i just would like more staff to see this.
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