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Quitting once and for all.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Life01, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. Bye

    Nobody really cares but as most of you know I quit skyblock early v6 and starting playing prison 2months after I 'quit' and I haven't been enjoying it as much as I did with skyblock which got borin too. Despite the fact I ended up gathering 6.5k tokens and a maxed pick which got taken off me by some guy by the name of _r0dcombo I think.

    Anyways that irrelevant, let she get back to the point I'll be coming on once more to potentially do everything I got but except for that if you see my account on it'll Ben my brother which I've previously mentioned

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  2. Goodbye once and for all Life, you shall be missed. o/
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  3. You'll be missed:(
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    Finally life quits......
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  5. Goodbye Life, you will be missed!

    Your Friendly Llama,
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  6. Never had the honour to meet you yet, and it doesn't look like I will ever have the chance to get to know you. I can tell you that you will be missed by everyone, including me.

    Hope you come back to the community of Cyclone sometime.

    Kind Regards
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  7. NGL, I could care less, you acted like a child way too many times for me to care whatsoever. Good luck.
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  8. Savage
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  9. 'NGL' I didn't ask for your opinion I made this thread to make people aware of why I wouldn't be on not for people, not for others to tell me how I acted.
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  10. I guess it sucks to be you then :<. As if anyone cared if you were not on. Oops sorry, that was pretty rude. I'll try and be less of douche next time. Maybe you should as well! Love you pal.
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  11. *freinds* *argued a lot* *enemies* *argued some more* *got scammed* *argued even more* *became civil* *couldnt care less about you leaving*

    I hope you enjoyed my timeline of your life here at Cyclone.
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  12. As I said nobody would care
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  13. Gave that a friendly "Agree"! Why bother posting then..?
  14. To make people aware why are you trying to start an arguement over something I did that has nothing to do with you