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Q & A - Ask Staff Anything + Next Event Poll!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, Jun 6, 2017.


What is the next event you wish to see on Cyclone Network!

Poll closed Jun 13, 2017.
  1. PvP Tournament

  2. Build Competition

  3. Spleef Arena

  4. Parkour

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  1. | Another Q & A! Ask anything!
    Hey all it's been nearly a month since our first Q & A and it went so well that we've decided to try it again, the previous questions were all great but they were just scraping the surface so this time we want you guys to get deep and delve into all sorts of questions whether it be about staff or a server we would love to answer and queries you may have, so here is your chance to ask anything!

    | How do I ask a Question?
    You may be thinking this if you are you're reading the perfect spot! Just follow the directions below and we will attempt to you respond to your questions as soon as we can!

    1. Click this Link
    2. Ask your question (You can ask multiple questions in one conversation)
    3. Send it through! We will tag you if your question has been answered

    | Questions and Answers!
    Here's where you can find all the questions others have asked, thanks for all the continuous support you all give us, we hope to better integrate the community to all of the servers on our network! ;c

    | Question
    1. Why is the keys in kits different in server in prison hurricane gets mythical but in Skyblock its rare?
    2. Any update on /ads?
    3. Any giveaways happening soon? Like on twitter or something

    | Answer
    1. Skyblock was the first of all of the servers to recieve a singular reset, once we go through all our pre existing servers and reset them the kits will then be the same again
    2. /ads is. a third party program and after I personally researched it more, I have found that the support that plugin offers arent minecraft based, this makes it a lot more difficult in situations like ours when we are experiencing an inner bug, so as of now we have not recieved any more information than previously stated. Sorry!
    3. We will be doing more giveaways around important dates for Cyclone so in short yes you will be seeing some more free stuff! ;c

    | Question

    What are the admins & staff team up to? There are many times when Helpers & T-Helpers are on, and sometimes Officers & mods, but what about everyone else? Are they working plugins? Chilling?

    | Answer
    For nearly all of our staff that are in high school, it's nearing the end of a school semester meaning exams are just around the corner and there is a lot of revision to be done for those who intend on working hard,
    myself and other admins are often in vanish and dealing with issues that arise, it's not always necessary for staff members to be visible, especially admins.

    | Question
    1. When Will Factions be reset?
    2. Why is their a bug on the Island Leaderboard?
    3, Will we be seeing any new developments in Cyclone soon?

    | Answer
    1. Well in one of my other threads we had a poll that was open for public votes on what factions the community wanted, we are working in small parts to reset factions but no, there is no date.
    2. I am unsure as to which bug you're referring to, I also haven't seen any bug reports about and an issue like this, so I can't answer that accurately sorry.
    3. At the moment we're working on the servers we have currently and adding things to the current servers within the network, also this does require some testing and can be a lot more if we are wanting something custom.

    | Question

    my question is when will the server ever be given an anti cheat plugin?
    | Answer
    All servers have an anti cheat that is working and assists us with finding hackers.

    | Question
    Why is Cyclone Network .org and not .com or .net?
    | Answer
    .org stands for organization, it's also a high end domain so we use it over .net & .com as oppose to .com as it stands for commercial & .net which is for network, .net is generally used for ISP websites and such.

    | Question
    My only question is, Will Survival/Towny ever return?
    | Answer
    yeS ;C

    | Question
    About what date will factions restart?
    | Answer
    No official dates.

    | Question

    We seeing any 80% sale soon?

    | Answer
    nOoOOOo ;c

    | Question
    I really miss towny on the server when will it come back?
    | Answer
    We have future plans that are tending to majority of the needs our old survival players have.

    That should do for now ;c

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    Yo Dylz,
    I voted parkour cause I really enjoy it. I just wanted to tell you that I would really like something like in v4 or v3 (/warp maze), I remember all the mazes and parkour, all this for admin stuff, I really enjoyed it. <3
  3. Are you talking about the Halloween event? With the mazes, parkours, and other events like Skin Comps? c;
  4. I voted sleef. Been ages since that and you don't need any skill or anything
  5. No, it was a BIG parkour, the only stage I remember well is the last which was a tour with a lot of hard jumps, I remember when I finished it, Huggie asked me what pick I wanted (fortune or silk)
  6. OH YEAH THAT ONE. Rainbow glass, but then they changed it to stone. There was an ice section too. Got kicked a couple times for flying in there :p EDIT: That was easter btw
  7. Do a pvp event you havent done one since like V4? Whats stopping you from doing multiple events:D
  8. That's V5. That was pretty lit tho NGL.

    The rainbow glass parkour was pretty cool, just got annoying after awhile.

    Last one was v5 you were just banned c;

    Would be cool if they did multiple events but that's very doubtful, let's see what happens though. Hopefully this will be a monthly or every other week thing.
  9. I remember we never did the sumo event
  10. lol.
  11. This was the best thing everrr. Yeah it was for Easter 2016. There was glass mazes and parkour it was amazing. When you finished an admin would ask if you wanted an Admin bunny kit with Silk or Fortune. Good times :p
  12. And my question isn't cited ;-;
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  14. The Community has decided and our next event will be a Maze/Parkour Event ;c Q & A Is now closed and Finalized thanks for all those who participated!

    - Dylz
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