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Prison - Ideas

Discussion in 'Under Consideration' started by GeT_BamBooZel, Oct 12, 2017.

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    IGN: GeT_BamBooZel
    Which area of the network is your suggestion for: Prison - Others
    Describe your suggestion: At the end, I wanna get this over with.
    Any photos/videos to show the suggestion: Maybe, I can make some.
    How would this suggestion benefit the network: Well, More Player
    Anything else: Allways.

    Ok, now that thats dealt with, let's do this.

    1st.- Prison Challanges

    We all can agree that Prison is missing it's players, and the main reason is because theres nothing else to do then just mine! So me and a few others thought it would be a nice idea to add like Daily/Weekly Challanges like, get a amount of money/tokens, get certain items in Free world, I woudnt know, but Prison lacks a reason to stay playing, I woudnt add prestige, as it would get very boring and repetitive, and if u do, add really good bonus when you do it, because of now, there are only 4 people tat made it to Godfather, soon 5. And only 3 to Free. But I would like to see some other day to day thing suggested in the comments.

    2nd.- /Warp Free Mine

    A mine better then godfather would be a nice idea for /warp free because it allready is 105t, instead of like a base price (full inv without bp's) 9.5b that godfather is u could do it like 10b.

    3rd.- Event System
    This was a very interesting idea from Purur, and im going to add it to the suggestions, This system/event gives u x2 rewards (for a very short period of time) like money, tokens, maybe even drops, (i remember back from v5 some weekends this was the case).

    4th.- Free World Devided

    Now, i know this will kinda be impossible, but I would like to see Free world Devided (like plots) and when u get to Free u can claim 1, (the size can be like 200-300)

    5th.- Tournements/Event

    A cool idea I thought of is like a Last Mand Stan where u would fight mobs/bosses and the last 3 ppl to die win. Ofcourse make the Mobs/bosses really strong and give us not rlly good armor nor apples.

    Dary thought of doing like a Uhc where everyone would get tp'ed randomly and could find like chests and things to then have like a final battle and the last man stand wins,

    A cool idea would be King Of The Hill, with knockback sticks or so, or a long parkour where u cant kill but knock people off and have like groups of 5/10, and at the end they race against eachother.

    6th.- Youtubers

    Something that might bring more people are youtubers, and im not saying like only sb like now with p0wer but i mean like for Factions (when ever that is realeased) and Prison too!

    If i think of anything more, i'll add it here.

  2. Added Warp free mine
  3. Pretty cool ideas, I would pursonally not how prison feels as I never usually stick to it because it just doesn't interest me but would be cool to see changes/updates on the prison server.

    Also I think adding like a random event system would be cool, like "2x tokens for 10 seconds" and these would happen every few minutes or so. Idk just a random idea I came up with while typing this out. The mission system would also be really cool to see implemented into prison.
  4. This is a amazing idea Pur!
  5. Nice ideas, I would love prison to be updated more and stuff like this added
  6. Maybe add Mineparty's like every week, it would be fun to have lots of people get on for a mineparty.
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