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Pre Beta/Beta Information

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Broanater, May 15, 2018.

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    Yes I know, I said there would be a sneak peek announcement. BUT, I figured this would make up for that. So, instead of the sneak peek. I’m here to tell you, beta will be officially out on Monday the 21st, 2018. 6:00pm EST. Now you may have some questions so, let us proceed downwards.


    Q: Why so late in the day?

    A: Well, the time is set where it is for a few reasons. One; some of the staff are busy until later in the day, two; Our player base is mainly younger people from USA therefore they would be in school, doing homework, eating, ect. until later in the day, and three; it gives Hayden who’s from the land down under a little more of a sleep so he’s not so cranky.

    Q: Wait, why release it on a Monday and not on the weekend?

    A: We are releasing it on Monday for two reasons. One; I’m busy this weekend and want to be present as much as possible for the first few days to assist right away as things are found(Shocking I know, I have a life.), two; we will be allowing a select few individuals who are among the most trusted within the community to be allowed on for the weekend who will be there strictly to search for early bugs and exploits. We will not be releasing the names of these individuals publicly. But should they decide that they want to share that they were select they will be welcome to. Pretending to be one of these individuals is NOT acceptable.

    Q: How long will the beta be?

    A: The time frame of the beta is still in the air. We want to make sure that all the bugs have been worked out so we are planning the length around the amount of bugs found so as to minimize the effect of these bugs one the public release should a game breaking bug be found.

    Q: Will the beta testers progress be reset?

    A: Yes they will. Wouldn’t be fair to everyone else for them to have a head start. However, they may be receiving a special tag. But who knows.

    Q: How long will it take for bugs to be fixed?

    A: Depends on the bug. Some may take minutes, hours, days, we don’t know until it’s encountered. But we will be doing our best to fix them as soon as we learn about them. All staff members will be on high alert for bugs and are being asked to be as active as humanly possible to ensure a swift public release.

    Do not contact me to become a pre beta tester. That is not how it works. WE will be selecting them by hand. Wait for a message from me. If you don’t get one, sorry.

    I hope these answered your immediate questions. I tried to place myself in your shoes while thinking of these questions to try and cover everything. If you have any question feel free to comment and I will answer you as quick as I can. The full beta testers names will be drawn the morning of Monday the 21st, 2018 so tell your friends they have till then to apply. After that, you’ll have to wait till public release.

    Thank you,


    Community Manager/Admin
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  2. All very exciting that we're getting closer to opening the server Brody, however one thing I did not understand is where you said;
    Any explanation?
  3. That was my mistake. Put the date of the wrong Monday.
  4. How does one get into the beta testing, or did I already miss the apply date.
  5. So they'll be drawn on the 21st I assume?
  6. Yes, he edited the original post to say the 21st.
  7. Beta right after my 5 days weekend... :) Well too bad, I'll be there from 6 pm to 11 pm for sure xD :) Good Luck to everyone (to enter as beta testers)
  8. How many beta testers, Brody? #HYPE !
  9. You can find the link to apply for beta in this post. Here
  10. The exact number hasn't been decided yet. But I estimate it to be around 20-30 players.
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  11. why do you call it pre beta and not alpha just a question
  12. Because I'm special. Obviously.
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  13. Omg noice
  14. I will have the vacation when the beta testing opens. I think lot's of people won't be apple to attend due to weird times for them its at 00:00 for me so in the middle of the night but I won't have anything better to do.
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  15. You
    Play games with me, please. I'm desperate.
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  16. I see you're desperate. But most friends are temporary and graduating is forever. Once my finals are over <3.
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  17. When the beta goes live. Are the punishments already reset?
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  18. Sounds like this is gonna be lit! I am waiting for the server to come out! :D