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Plugin Idea's / Improvement list

Discussion in 'Under Consideration' started by Raymoon, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Credits to : BritishMunkeh and iSymphony_.

    Plugin ideas for Skyblock:

      • Mini Games - A chance for players to have some fun and enjoy themselves with other players, old and new. This will allow players to take a break if they would like from their island. There are multiple possibilities that could be added as a game, for example: races with custom made cars, sniping battles, parkour, skywars etc.

      • VoteParty Crate - Gives every player a Vote Party key after every vote party that came, the key offers a extremely small chance of getting a certain rank. (Part of the credits to Smitty_Jagerman)

      • /goals - Custom, unique goals for doing certain things. EG: Reaching a certain island level, building certain things on your island etc - Could make more spawners useful, forces players to do more than build grinders and get bored.

      • /duel & /wager - 1v1 and possibly 2v2’s, might get people to PvP more. You can choose kits, or maybe even create your own kit!

      • /is ah - Gives the players an oppertunity to sell their island on an auction house. (credits to @cool_fella )

      • Spawner Leveling System - Get better spawners at every level. You can unlock a new level by doing /rankup, (can be done with money or xp) this makes the economy a huge variety. There could also be 3 ‘prestiges’ ; Starter → Advantager → Extreme, example couldn't be done due no table. (Each tier has at least one good spawner, EG: Villager, Witch and Silverfish) (Link to table can be found here)

    Plugin Ideas for Prison:

      • /goals - Custom, unique goals for doing certain things. EG: Mining blocks in mines, plots and building on plots etc.

      • /duel & /wager - 1v1 and possibly 2v2’s, might get people to PvP more. Kits can be chosen in a GUI or something similar.

      • Mini Games - A chance for players to have some fun and enjoy themselves with other players, old and new. This will allow players to take a break if they would like from their plot/mine. There are multiple possibilities that could be added as a game, for example: races with custom made cars, sniping battles, parkour, skywars etc.

      • Introduce plot mines - Could be a donator perk or a perk you buy separately on the store, more privatised and relatively OP, but not as good as some higher up mines.

    Improvements for Skyblock:

      • More missions - Current missions have gotten repetitive, also make the missions harder to complete.

      • Better Missions Rewards - EG: Rare keys..

      • Bring back /warp God - Makes God rank more useful/OP, more worth it to buy and makes it more appealing to players.

      • Make more spawners/hoppers worth buying - Gives players a larger variety to make money and stops the economy from relying on certain spawners.

      • /ads - Get it working? Unsure what the problem is with this however so if it’s not possible then rip.

      • Make farming almost as good as spawners - Gives players a larger variety of ways to make money, and it’s good for the newer players.I would recommend making netherwart a good money source.

      • Have a preview for islands - Either a warp or at spawn, let’s players choose before making one and prevents resets being wasted and less complaining etc.

      • ChestSell - Remove the sign part; and introduce an item that sells the chests when you left it, reduces lag because there’s less signs and more people can sell the same chests (Good for team islands.)
      • Resets for islands- There’s a problem with people not being able to reset their island due the fact that they only had 1 reset, while others have multiple resets.

    Improvements for Prison:

      • Removal of backpacks - They’re glitchy as fuck and need removing.

      • Bring back /free - It gives players more things to do and something to work towards, possibly have it unlocked halfway through prestiges. EG: Max prestige = 30, /free unlocked at prestige 15.

      • Have more ranks per prestige - Make players work harder so prison doesn’t get ‘completed’ so quickly, 5-10 extra ranks after Z that are relatively hard to get. Name examples: Past versions top prison mine ranks.

      • More custom enchants - Have a large variety, introducing several more enchants in order to make there be more choice and keep prison livelier.

      • Allow plots to be merged - Many players want bigger plots and this would satisfy them. Maybe have it to an extent; such as 2 plots.

    All around improvements:

      • Make God rank more OP - The price difference from Cyclone -> God is not worth what you get; and many God ranked players and even some Cyclone players are complaining. Examples:
        • Small spawner boost, EG 1.5x (Not as good as spawner boost on /buy but makes God better) - Skyblock

        • Give perks for 15-30mins in kits - Sell multiplier/XP multiplier (God (Sell) + Cyclone (XP) - Skyblock and Prison

        • Give God the command “/afk”, it will not be announced it chat, but that way they don’t have to make an afk pool.

        • Give God /pt back, and make abusing /pt bannable.

      • Get more players online! - Coming soon I know, needs to hurry though :>

      • Something that could possibly reduce lag - Not a big deal as of right now as it’s not too bad.

      • Get a better filter for chat - Add more words exdee.

      • Update the server to 1.12 - It will bring a bunch of new blocks and mobs to use and may possibly bring more players in. It will make pvp worse however, but no one really pvp anyway on the server. We could always get a 1.8 pvp plugin. - If not, at least bring 1.12 support in.
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  2. I like the idea for the chestsell signs
    They idea of the Vote party crate giving chance to get crates seems to OP maybe only give the key to ppl who voted today
    Not sure but ./pt is Here idk its available for me
    Overall some good ideas staff NEEDS to look at
  3. I think you're confused with /ptime,
    /pt is /powertool, and it puts a command on a specific item, if you left click that item, it instantly types the command.
  4. you didn't give credit to @cool_fella for /is ah wtf man!??!?
  5. @RamonInsanity , @Smitty_Jagerman and @cool_fella , for whatever you contributed, well done. Nearly of these ideas seem rather possible and really cool, (in my opinion.)

    My onnllyyy exception to this is the removal of backpacks. Yes, they're glitchy, but they are rather vital. Without them it would be hard to make a big some of money within one inventory which would lead to slow ranking up, then cause boredom etc... maybe they can possibly be fixed instead of completely gotten rid of?

    (Side note: its not necessarily "punishable," but please try to avoid foul language on forums, it gives a bad impression and all that sort of stuff :( )

    Don't get me wrong though, on a whole this thread is very impressive, well thought out and interesting. Well done again for your constant server support :)
  6. They already have Skywars /sw :)

    Thank you for giving me credit.
  7. No, Not 1.12!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO 1.10!!!!!
    NO 1.9!!!!!
  8. Isn't much variety, is it?

    Haha, it will bring more variety in decoration though, maybe give it a try? We could always get a 1.8 pvp plugin ;)
  9. I Love It, It Would More Interesting To Play And Like You Said Get More Players, It Makes It Fun

  10. I like a lot of the ideas, however for everything there is a wall to when it becomes too complex. i think some of the ideas stated above in first post are good, but will just make the server too complex for the newcomers. A feature that isn't popular in a lot of servers, will make players find it hard to grasp and possibly quit, I have quit servers before in my first few days due to some features being too complex or there being way to many things to think about. So yes, for players that already are at their max, they will want these features so they can expand even more, but newcomers will just find it too hard for them grasp all these ideas.

    Overall I think most of these features are good, however I would recommend expanding on what some of the features are as some might not know what you mean by some.
  11. maybe not 1.12, but 1.9
  12. What's wrong with 1.12? If you're already at 1.9 you rather would just go to 1.12 as it's mostly the same, just new blocks which are pretty dope ngl.
  13. Yes daddy

    XD I need duels added I fucking need it. Also all of it is good

    And if u add 1.9 I'm Actually quitting

    I'm legit not joking 1.9 gives me AIDES. Plus people couldn't use 1.7 animations anymore.
  14. Not necessarily adding words, but bettering the existing filter. For example, saying "an alt" will get mostly *bawked*. I understand the reasoning, and that it would be quite hard to do, but saying "a alt" physically hurts me.
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  15. It still needs more words 'blacklisted', EG: 'Kys'' and "cancer'' should get filtered.
    And yeah, you're right, they should make the filter better aswell.
    Disclaimer: The word 'cancer' is for information purposes only.
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