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Plea to save Factions

Discussion in 'Factions' started by Boltze, Aug 10, 2017.


Would you play Factions the way it is run right now?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe if it changes up a bit

  4. I dont play Factions

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    Hi, If you have been playing Factions for the last few days you probably would've come across the IGN Botlze/Bolt. Even though i've only started playing for almost a week, not to mention i've donated $30 in ranks and commands solely for factions, i noticed a lot of thing s that were not addressed in the server. Please keep in mind that what i'm about to write does not have the intent to trashtalk the server in anyway. I simply want to provide constructive criticism
    1. I've never seen the presence of a single staff online (I play about 12 hrs a day or more)
    2. Lack of players should be fairly obvious
    3. Vote doesn't even work on factions but works on other servers
    4. The command for /warp rules and /warp commands doesn't lead to anywhere because it doesn't exist
    5. The lack of explanation for the buffer zone system (I can't claim land from a faction that has less power than their land)
    6. Koth lacks explanation as well, leading a to me and some friends being confused
    7. /tnt command does not work for ranks
    8. /fly command is auto disabled everytime i open a chest while flying or using a command
    9. Making money is very hard, but this is subjective, due to the fact that hoppers are considerably expensive
    10. Web donation store only sells February key (lol)
    11. Monthly crate on the server frozen at March crate (lol)
    12. Cannot add custom enchants when the rank states that i can add up to 4
    13. Why enable mob stacking just to stop lag when there is an average of 2 player
    Even though these are fairly negative comment to the way Factions is run right now, which seems to me like a plane running on auto-pilot into a mountain, i am fairly impressed by the public boss that the server has, it has provided me entertainment when there is no one online and i have to solo it.

    Finally, i have a some questions that i want answers to
    1. The faction server being dead is obvious, what are the plan, if any, to help it get back up on its feet? Or did i just wasted money on a dead server?
    2. Why doesn't /back command teleport you to the place you where before you teleported?
    3. Why name the pvp area fps?(First person Shooter?)
  2. I'll answer your questions to the best of my ability...

    1: Factions wasn't always Factions. It used to be a OpFactions and was a powerhouse of cyclone; bringing in an average of around 20-30 people. Ever since the switch, Factions has began to shrink in player size. The plan that I believe most staff have is to reset Factions and get the player base back.

    2: /Back is there incase you teleport somewhere, and want to get back to where u were before you teleported. This could be used for multiple reasons, but I find that is the most common use.

    3: Minecraft is not only 1st person, I can press F3 to go into 3rd person, 1st person and 3rd person looking behind you. 1st person is usually used in pvp; and F3 is usually used for scouting and looking behind you when running from a player.
  3. Also, mobstacking is network-wide. Not just server-wide
  4. I would actually play if it got revamped lol I dont play mc anymore but why not
  5. By the sounds of thing from the staff Q&A and other announcement threads, I believe there are plans for Factions to be revamped. However, I can not be entirely sure.

    Your Friendly Llama,
  6. BRING FACTIONS BACK YESSSS. this gamemode has been isolated soo much. I love it, but there's no challenge. It's so broken that god ranks can break OBBY & LAVA in CLAIMED territory. We need a fix.
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  7. Boltze they announced OP Factions is coming back soon but have no announced reset date. Facs is what brought me to cyclone so I'm excoted for it to be back :)
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  8. Lol