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[OFFICIAL] YouTube Applications - Format

Discussion in 'Applications' started by Hayden, Jan 9, 2016.

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    Youtube Rank Applications - Format

    Are you interested in joining our Youtuber club? You've come to the correct section, here you can apply to become our next Youtuber!

    Before Posting your Application:


    Before applying you need to remember, that as a Youtuber, you are required to follow the rules. You should not be doing inappropriate things, that normal players would not do. When players watch your videos, they are looking to you on how to properly play the game. & if you are not playing it properly, then the whole community will follow. It's important that you are aware that a majority of our community members are still very young. You have becareful of what you do in your videos, & make sure they are appropriate to our network.

    You must follow the rules listed below. We are looking for GREAT youtube members who are well known within the Youtube community who can help make content for our network. As a Youtuber, this is your chance to boost the gameplay for the members by giving them fun and great content. If you'd like to apply for a Youtuber Rank, simply copy and paste the format below into a next thread. Then, fill out the forum & post your thread.

    Mandatory requirements before being considered:
    [Failure to follow = Instant Deny]
    • You must have 1.5k - 2k active subscribers.
    • You must already have three videos on your channel about the server
    • You must gain around 100 views on each video
    • At least ONE video on the server per week. (Good amount)
    • Good content/commentary & professional.
    We will not accept applications:
    • That do not follow the rules above.
    • With a channel that is unprofessional/highly inappropriate
    • That does not include the format below.
    Title: [Your Channel Name]'s Youtube Application
    Example - Kianlos' Youtube Application
    Your IGN:
    Link to Channel:
    Number of Subscribers:
    Do you follow all requirements above?: [Proof]
    Link to THREE videos:
    Why do you want to become a Cyclone Youtuber:

    • Informative x 14
    • Useful x 3
    • Like x 1
    • Agree x 1
    • Disagree x 1
    • Friendly x 1
    • Optimistic x 1
    • Creative x 1
    • Old x 1
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